Somehow, when you (or rather, I suppose, I) have nothing to do, nothing ever really gets done. Which explains the neglect of this, and the state of my room. I haven’t been doing nothing, really, just not much. There was some work. There were some holidays. There was a lot of tv. Bullet point recap!

-John’s birthday! Good. Slushy big wet snow, good presentation of the pictures, he liked it. Has nowhere to put it, but someday. It was good. Then we went out for thai food. Also good. And then on his actual birthday, I gave him bacon muffins.

-Christmas! Almost didn’t happen. John bought his mother a stove, his family is such that this almost led to a divorce, the stove was returned. Then we had dinner. It ended up being pretty fun, though. Present highlights- I got a bathrobe, and a pea coat, and the new Audry Niffeneger book. So, exciting. I gave John a jar of baconnaise, and a beating heart in jello. Well. It was supposed to be beating. I kind of killed it by putting it in jello. He loved it. It was hilarious. If we can ever clean it off, it’ll beat again. Good times.

-Cat sitting! I stayed at my cousin’s for 5 days, hanging out in her well heated apartment, watching cable and eating her frozen dinners. It was awesome. Oh, and I watched the cats. Hers and mine. It was pretty fun, until Snippet went into heat, and I had to keep her apart from the (fortunately neutered, but still feeling like a boy) cat. But other than that, good times.

-New years! Holy pants, I am so glad 2009 is over. It wasn’t that bad, I suppose, but it really wasn;t that good, overall. There were some way high points, like when John came out to california. And some aerials stuff. But mostly, I’m glad to have moved on to another year. Even though I haven’t really. Time just keeps going, there’s no real separation between years. But anyway! New years was fun. John’s friend Sarah was in town, and we went and hung out with her and other interesting people. I made a boatload of cucumber sandwiches which were greatly appreciated, which made me feel good. We listened to a bunch of music, hung out talking and all were glad when the midnight hit.

There was also a big snowstorm a couple days before christmas, so everything was white and beautiful, but then by christmas all slushy and gross. But then on new years eve it snowed a couple inches, and I thought a white new years was much better than a white christmas. Since then, it’s snowed again, and is supposed to a few more times this week. So that’s exciting, winter acting like winter. Including being bitterly cold today.

I haven’t been working enough. It sucks. There’s just nothing going on, and I’m broke and my sleep schedule is all thrown off. But, it’ll get better. I’ll find stuff. I have my cats. Life is pretty decent.

I’m going to try to write here more regularly *cough*at all*cough*, and also do the 100 pushups, 200 crunches things from their respective websites, starting on monday. Sort of like resolutions, but not quite. I don’t really want to make resolutions this year. It should be a good year.


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