So in the space of a few days it went from 60’s and needing a sweatshirt, to 40’s and busting out the winter coat. Awesome. Though I really love my coat, so it’s nice to bring that out again. This is the beautiful one that I got for something like 35 bucks at Beacon’s Closet. Makes it even better.

I blew the dimmer out on the stars. Whoops. I was at the maximum wattage load, but forgot that the huge lengths of zipcord add a bit of resistance, and left them on too high a level for too long. But it’s just the dimmer, so I’ll either get a new one and not turn them up, or get two, and split the load. Either way. I’m glad John got to see them before that happened. Otherwise, my room is coming together great. I found this beautiful green and cream antique desk that is now installed in my room and looking like it was meant to be there. And when I dragged John to the container store to pick up more folding bookshelves, one of the first things that I saw was a sign on the display model selling that particular one way cheap. So, basically they’re being shipped for free. Which is not the best deal, since their shipping to brooklyn is way overpriced, but is a great deal, because it’s free, and it turns out they wouldn’t have fit in John’s trunk, and hauling them on the subway would be a huge pain in the ass. So that was exciting. They’re getting here tuesday and then I will not have 80 boooks on the floor, and none tucked up on top of the rest. I also discovered a book library app that works with the barcode scanner app, so I’ve been cataloging all my books. Well. I’ve started. i have a lot to go. And some books don’t have either barcodes or isbn’s, and the one drawback is it won’t let me hand enter titles. But 80% of the time it works just fine. Absorbing silliness.

The other absorbing silliness that I want to start up, though this is the wrong time of year, is geocaching, where people leave clues, or a gps location, and you go find it, and record in the logbook, or take an object and leave one in it’s place. There are a bunch all over the city, so that will be a fun thing to do.

Also, I shopped my baseball glove to myself, and now I want to play again. But that will have to wait for the spring. The guys getting paid may play in 40 degree rainy weather. I will not.


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