Almost enough sleep

On the happy news side of the block, my room is fantastic. I’m still missing the new bookshelves, and my desk sucks, but the bookshelves will be in place friday, and I’m going to look tomorrow at this really nice desk I found on CL. And the light bulbs look great. I think i want to add one more, which fortunately I have  lying around. It means borrowing the ladder again, so I’m waiting a bit. But I’m very happy with it, and one of the unexpected good things is that I thought I would be annoyed by all the wires running around the ceiling, but they ended up looking like the lines that are drawn in to connect the constellations. Not annoying at all. Also, each bulb is only 25 watts, but together they are 300. So now my room gets ridiculously bright.

On the sadder side of life, my powercord is dying. I had to cave and order a new one, and unfortunately the only one available for my computer has some of the worst reviews ever. Oh well. I think I’ll tape the whole thing to a stiff wire, so it can still bend, but not sharply, and can’t develop any weak spots. And I hope my current one holds out till it gets here. It’s a minor battle to keep it connected now.

Other than that, I’m pretty freaking unmotivated to do anything. I just want to stay home and watch stuff and rearrange and go see movies and visit the zoo and I’m getting excited about ice skating season. Going to work is pretty low on the list. And I’m getting a little like an alcoholic about sleep. For example, I took a benadryl at 10 last night so I would go to sleep then and not at 3 am, like usual these days. Alarm goes off at 7 30. I wake up, look around, am proud of myself for being awake, and hit the snooze for another hour (every time you tap my snooze button in succession adds 10 minutes, up to an hour. Makes getting another hour of sleep easy). At 8 30 I was in the middle of a dream and hit it for half an hour to try to finish the dream. I guess it was actually 40 minutes, because at 9 10, I hit it for another 20, to round out the number. At 9 30 I hit it for another hour because at that point, I might as well get up at 10 30, and get to work at noon. Now I’m sitting here writing this. No good. But writing this is increasing the guilt, so I think I’ll get up now.


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