Stars and moons and ladders

So I rearranged my room a little to make way for the new bookshelves (and of course I did it at 11 at night. I did not drop the ac out the window this time, though. So, progress) and have also started on the Most Awesome Decoration Ever. I may have mentioned something about this, but bear with me. I repeat myself a lot when I don’t write frequently and can’t remember what I’ve already told. The shame.  So I did a strike at a theatre and they had all these hanging lightbulbs that were just going to be thrown away, so I rescued them and took them home. So now I have something like 23 hanging bulbs (connected together in groups). They’re all way to long, but a little etape fixes that, and I am going to put them on my ceiling and have hanging stars. I also went to Ikea yesterday (they are nice enough to run a shuttle service between them and the subway, pretty sweet) and got one of those japanese-type hanging lantern globes for to be a moon. That part is up, since I could reach the ceiling by putting a chair on my bed. I do not recommend that for anyone, and am mildly surprised that I didn’t capsize and break anything. There used to be a ladder down in my foyer type area, but since they redid the stairs and everything (which is great) it’s disappeared. My options now appear to be either clear my floor as much as possible, and drag my dresser around so I can stand on that and do this, or call the landlord and ask for the ladder. I really hate phone calls, so it’s a tossup.

So I got the shiny new phone, and holy crap it’s awesome. If I keep talking about it, I will end up gushing and sounding like I’m trying to sell it. So I won’t, aside from saying that I am completely happy, and endlessly entertained.

About my above plan, it does occur to me that doing this means putting lots of little holes in the ceiling, to hold the cord up and all. Our landlord is really lenient about painting and everything, I hope that extends to this. Also, I just called, and he said to go to the 99 cent store that he owns around the corner, and borrow theirs. Perfect. This means it is time to get up and eat and go get that. Onward.


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