So I’m back at my data entry temp job. Which is all sorts of good and bad mixed up. It’s work. It pays. It’s steady. It’s easy. It’s boring. It pays less than half of what I make doing electrician work. It’s mind numbing. Especially the project I’m working on now. They transfered everything into a spreadsheet, and some of the fields got messed up. So I’m going through and fixing it all. I’ve put in about 9 hours so far (okay, more like 4 or 5. I spent a lot of time checking email and reading and have only gone through 300 of almost 10,000 rows. They are long, and it’s all numbers, and the weirdnesses are not easy to see. So even with my procrastinating, it’s a long, painstaking process. I’m trying to get them to let me work at home so I can watch movies while I do it.

The two designs I’m doing, I have yet to be inspired by. They’re both interesting, but I haven’t hit the excitement yet. So to interest myself in life again, I bought a new phone. Yeah, I know. But, I’m excited about it. And that feels good. Maybe soon the instant gratification/new toy excitement will transfer to real, fulfilling things. One can hope.

Time to sleep. And pull myself out of the ennui.


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