I’ve been feeling my age lately. By which I mean I feel like I’m past the age where certain mistakes/habits/foibles/lack of knowledge are acceptable. I’m too old to be the young one. This kind of sucks. It’s like when I turned 20 and my metabolism partially kicked in and I suddenly gained weight because I couldn’t eat like I used to. It took a year or two to adjust to that, so I figure this transition will be similar.

It’s interesting though. I mean, I’ve been living on my own (with roommates) for 7 years, and been supporting myself for 3. I’ve passed a few other age landmarks, but this is the first one that actually feels like a transition, felt like I grew up. I’m glad of this, fine and neutral with it, and terrified that I’m not measuring up.

At least I look the same. I pretty much have since I was 13. So there’s that.


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