Recap blather

I was actually social today and had breakfast with my cousin and a friend of hers. Though by breakfast I mean bagels and mimosas at 2 in the afternoon. Not sure why it was so hard to drag myself out of bed this morning, but it was quite  a feat.

Other highlights from the California trip- John and I went to Monterey, to the aquarium and saw 8 zillion seahorses and some sea otters and a whole lot of other fish. They have really nice gigantic tanks which I really liked. I went a little nuts in the giftshop and got earrings and a t shirt, and a couple pairs of socks, and then got books for my dad. Those and some cans of tuna and sardines were his birthday present the next morning. We had breakfast with them, which went fine. They’d all met last year so the first meeting pressure was off, but they all felt a little more free to be themselves. Which is mostly good. But meant that my mom picked on my handwriting and such. Whatever. Little things. It was a good breakfast. My dad was overwhelmed with what I got him, which I felt bad about. I mean, I picked all things that I thought he would like, I definitely didn’t just grab random stuff. But it was mostly from my mom’s suggestions, and I didn’t put any pre-thought into it, just happened to be in a good place to get stuff at the last minute and it worked out well. But I was glad it made him happy. Then we went up to this missile silo in the Marin headlands. It was fairly interesting. Not my thing, but riding the elevator with the missile was cool, as was the gear-run computer.

The other big thing was the Palace of Fine Arts. I’d forgotton how pretty it is there, so that was good. We just wandered around and looked, and went into the sound column and ate ice cream bars. Nice afternoon. He left the next day, and I went to my parents house to laze around, read a bunch, see movies and have a birthday. It was mostly relaxing. My mom and I didn’t clash too much, and I got to unwind from all the excitement. It was really nice to come back and see John again, though.  And my cats.

While I was gone, Snippet started having issues again, and so now I’ve taken her to a new vet who’s going to do a bunch of tests monday which hopefully will pinpoint what the problem is, and then we can figure out the best way to treat it. The prednisone that she’s on now is good, but it’s just holding the problem at bay, and not even that well apparently, since she relapsed on a normal dose. And if she stays on it she could become diabetic, which would be lots of fun. Eesh.

I rented studio time to work on the trapeze thing yesterday, which was good. I have most of the routine, I think. I still need music. I heard a song on John’s ipod the other day that I liked, and he burned me a cd of that band, but I haven’t been able to find that song again yet. I didn’t look at the name, so that’s not helping. I have a general idea of the sound that I’m looking for now, though, so that’s progress. I also figured out a new trick yesterday and that was exciting. It’s the reverse of a sequence, which gave me the idea that the next act I do I think I want to have it be a forward half, and then repeat everything backwards, like rewinding it. I think that could be really interesting. You can’t reverse every trick, but I bet there are a lot that you can. Exciting thought.

Time to work on this design. Though I’m not sure what I can really do at this point. Maybe just collect imagery and thoughts? But I don’t have an inventory list or plot yet, and we’re still doing concept meetings. And despite me not bringing anything physical to the last one, i did contribute a lot of thoughts. I’m not quite sure what I should be doing at this point in the process. Le sigh.


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