Don’t crowd the mushrooms.

I finally updated my books page. I don’t have particular number in mind this year, just the vague idea to read more non-fiction. Which, comparatively, I’ve done pretty well at. I read a lot at camp. Between starting camp and now, counting my week home, I read about 20 books. Eesh. It helps that one of them was Ellen Tebbits, which takes about half and hour, and two others were Twilight books that I read out of curiosity and perversity, and I blazed thorugh them; since she repeats herself so freaking much there was no need to savor anything, it was just going to be said again. Anyway. It helped that my mom gave me about 9 books to take with me, and then supplied books while I was lazing around the house. (It was a really lazy time. I also saw 6 movies in 3 days. Ridiculous). Also, on one of my days off I was on my own and made the posisble mistake of wandering into the Book Juggler, this fantastic used bookstore in Willits. It’s one of the best I’ve ever been in, both selectin and price are fantastic. I walked out with 24 books, paying an average of $4 each. So, way too much money, my tent was swamped with books, and I had to ship a couple boxes of them to myself, but man. What a good day. Very satisfying, and all books I’m excited to read. I need more bookshelves though. Between the fact that my shelves are alread overflowing, and I kept most of the ones my mom lent, plus these 24, plus a bunch of childhood books my dad hauled out of the basement for me to mail…. I need another bookshelf. But I have nowhere to put it.

In other news, Madeline and Rob are definitely moving out. I’m staying. I thought about trying to get the studio from Dave, but really, I don’t want to move yet. I like it here, the cats have lots of room, all my stuff is wedged in. And Mike’s girlfriend Cassidy has mostly moved in, so they’ll take the big room, and I like both of them. So you know. Why move unless I have to. I’ve been thinking about where I would want to live next, though. I keep dropping hints (and by dropping I mean saying, and by hints I mean big ole statements) about how John and I should live together, and for a lot of reasons, that would be great. But I also do want to live on my own for a bit in between. And just now in thinking about the bookshelves, I had this idyllic vision of an apartment all to my own, with bookshelves lining the wall, all white walls and dark red shelves and dark honey floors with lots of sunlight. Not quite a studio, I like having a bedroom with a door, but otherwise open and one of those kitchens with a counter bar separating the kitchen from the rest, and you can sit there and lean over and talk to people while they cook and all.

This is, of course, never going to happen, given the work I chose to do and it’s sporadic nature. But you know. Nice to have the image there. And who knows. Maybe someday I’ll have some wealthy patron, or win the lottery or something. You never know.

I’m waiting for photos to upload so I can go to sleep. It’s been a very long day what with not actually sleeping on the plane and taking a 3 hour nap this morning. Oof.

Might as well mention the 6 movies I saw. Saturday was Ponyo and then Julie and Julia. Ponyo was okay. It ws fun, I liked the look of it mostly, it was silly. But I really didn’t like the american actors doing the voices, and the song at the end was ridiculous. I mean, I like the song in a weird way, and i keep gettin it stuck in my head, but it really didn’t fit.  Julie and Julia was good. The Julia parts were way better, but overall, good story. Julie drove me a little nuts with her obsession, though. The thing at her birthday about how “i thought 30 would be awful, but now I have Julia so it feels just fine”. Holy cow. Get over it.

Then sunday was Away We Go, Time Travelers Wife and Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg. Away We Go was great. Weird in places, and it’s very uncomfortable watching a movie start with oral sex when you’re watching it with your mother. But there was all kinds of fun stuff in it. And some weird stuff. Time Travelers Wife was eh. I love the book, hardcore, and they didn’t ruin it, though, so that’s good. It was okay. It could have been worse. But they really did mess up a few bits. And then parts were pretty good. But a few good parts, a few really bad parts, and a bunch of eh makes for a kind of bad movie overall. Oh well.  You Hoo Mrs. Goldberg was pretty good. It’s a documentary, and interesting, and covers a big chunk of american history, and had some informative bits. It wasn’t anything I was super excited to see, but it was worth watching.

Then monday I hung out with Rose and Braden and ended up having dinner with Rose’s mom, and then we went roaming into the streets in search of something to do, which ended up being a movie, and we were trying to find times, and Seraphine ended up being the best timed one. My parents had raved about it, so I figured why not. And it was really good, but it was not the movie for us to see right then. It was long and slow and sad and very pretty. All good things. But not when you’re hanging out with two friends that you’re not going to see for a while. Oh well. It was a very well done and interesting movie, and I really liked her art. So that helped.

I’m wiped out. I think I’ll go to sleep and let the computer quietly do it’s uploading thing. 200 more pictures. Eesh.


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