Last minute

Holy crap. I’m leaving today. This has not sunk in. I feel like it should have. But, in the spirit of utter laziness and unacceptance of impending events, I still have to pick up my laundry, pack everything, and finish cleaning. There’s not that much to do cleaning-wise, but still. I have to be done by 3. Which is in 5 hours. Eesh.

I would have gotten more done, but John stayed over night before last, and yesterday morning we lazed around, and it was so comfortable, and I’ve gotten used to being around him a lot more lately, so I dropped off my laundry and went back to his house, where we set up for a party, and then partied. It was a pretty good time. There was a ton of really good food, and a bunch of really nice people. Mostly ones going on the motorcycle trip next week, so I finally met these people that I’ve been hearing about for a while. I got overloaded a few times and hid upstairs to read, but in general, I had a good time, and took a lot of pictures using his sisters camera. Which I really like. I think I’m going to get one, but with a better zoom. They get pretty expensive pretty quickly as the zoom capacity goes up, though. Like hers is 3x, which I didn’t bother lookign for on ebay, the 4x seemed to all be around 130, 150, then the 5x were 300 ish. Eesh. But, it;s kind of the perfect, slim little point and shoot, and I liked it a lot. So we’ll see.

Speaking of eesh, I need to get going with this packing thing.


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