I’ve taken aerial classes on 4 out of the last 5 days. 2 rope classes, one trapeze with just me working on stuff, and 1 actual trapeze class. Lots of bruises, a couple rope burns, big sore muscles. Though most of the soreness was just from today.

Rope is great. I’m liking it more, which is a little surprising. But it’s a lot of fun, and the teacher is fantastic. Monday’s class especially went well, I could do everything I tried (though not perhaps in the most pretty manner, it still happened) including things that i wasn’t able to do saturday, things that I thought would take longer to get. So that was great.

The trapeze studio time was good. John came to help and keep me company, which was good and bad. I liked having someone there, I tend to work harder because I want to show off a little, but at the same time, it screwed up concentration some. But he helped with a few things, I got a decent workout, and he liked being there. Unfortunately, when we left, Natalie was there, and a little upset that I had let John in, and not told her. We smoothed it over more in class today, basically the building is really strict about everything, she had to get triple insurance before she even moved in, let alone started teaching, and she was freaked out that if the building saw him there, and connected that she hadn’t approved him to be there, she would get kicked out. Which I totally understand. But, she was directing it all to John. She’s really nice, but very quiet, and hates confrontation even more than me. I think because she knows me and likes me, it was harder for her to talk to me about it, but since John was “the new guy, the invader of the space” she had an easier time talking to him. Which is silly, since as far as he was concerned, I invited him, so it was fine. I was the one who fucked up in not letting her know, and clearing it all the right way. At one point she said sorry about this being awkward, and he said, ‘oh, no, it’s not awkward for me at all’, to which she said ‘well, I’m really sorry that it’s not awkward for you, to just come into someone else’s space like this’. Jesus. I understand both sides here, but I kind of think her’s is sillier. He doesn’t know it as her space, it’s just a rental studio, as far as he’s concerned. Eesh. But at class today we smoothed it out, and it wasn’t awkward, so that’s good.

Also unfortunately, yesterday’s trapeze was where the really big behind-the-knee bruise-and-burn came from, so today I couldn’t really do knee hangs or beats. I was also running out of steam in general, so not much sustainable energy, but it was still good. A lot of good strength stuff to try to do at camp.

Last night was good, though. After trapeze we were just going to come back and crash, but John mentioned that he wanted sushi. The best sushi around here (that makes all other sushi look terrible) is in Long Beach. And closed in 2 hours. So off we sped! And made it with plenty of time to spare. It was totally worth it. And I was smart this time and ordered too much, so I took some home and an hour later when the withdrawal started kicking in, I had leftovers to eat. After eating, we decided to try to make it to b&n before they closed, to try to get season 2 of Deep Space 9. Yeah, shut up. I know I’m a giant geek. But it’s good! Better than Next Generation. Anyway. When we were almost there, and 12 minutes from the store closing, we remembered to call and ask, and the very nice video department guy told me, yes, we do. We got there with 3 minutes to spare. It was great. The video guy was just as nice in person, and made some good/bad jokes. All in all, a good night, where everything was acomplished.

I’m leaving in 3 days. I bought 175 worth of cat food and litter today, still need to buy some clothes for it. Still need to clean (though I did a little), and pack, and do massive amounts of laundry. Whee.


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