Bleh. Headache and bored and still a little sick. I’ve determined that I caught this cold from my mother. Over the phone. You laugh, but! I talked to her over a week ago, and she said she was starting to get sick. About 4 days later (just about the right time for a cold to show up!) I woke up with a sore throat. I called her the other day and confirmed that her cold progressed pretty much exactly like mine. No one else I know is sick. Clearly, I got it from her.

It was a good week despite that, though. A lazy week. I was a little antsy about that by late last night, but I went to a rope class this morning which helped a lot. I like hanging out with John, but it did mean spending a lot of time not doing much. Actually, it didn’t. But it felt like it a little. We managed to do a decent amount of things, though not as much as planned.

We went to Mike’s restaurant the other day! It was great. Such good food, and we devoured it all. We sat outside, since it was one of the few periods of nice weather that we’ve had lately. It was expensive to me, but apparently not by manhattan standards. Even if it had been expensive, it would have been totally worth it. I had half a chicken. It didn’t stand a chance. Also, the strawberry rhubarb cobbler. But the highlight in general might have been the pork jowel nuggets. We didn’t actually order them, Mike sent them out (yay roommates), and they were fantastic. Really soft, sort of deep fried, and really sweet. I wasn’t expecting the sweet part. They were excellent though, and John refered to them as pig face for the rest of the night. The salt cod was also really good. So, if you’re in New York, go check out the Back Forty, lower east side. Not that they need my recommendation.

What else? We rode the Staten Island Ferry, looked at the aquariums on the other side, and came back. The way there was really cloudy and drizzly, so a nice ride in terms of being out and on water, but not so good for seeing anything and all. The way back cleared up nicely, though, and we actually got to stand outside. I refound this little oldfashioned burger place that I’d been to before. John pronounced them some of the best burgers in the city, which I was glad about. It would suck to have dragged him there if they weren’t so good*. It’s this great little place, tucked away, just stools for sitting on. The burgers are small, which really means the perfect size. One and a root beer float and I was done, and I have a mildly impressive stomach capacity. It was nice to finish everything and not feel stuffed. They have these pretty old lighting fixtures, and a faded feltboard menu sign where you can sort of read what used to be there in the fading. But then we asked how long it had been there, and it turned out not even a year and a half. They had just done a really good job of making it look like it was from the 30’s or so. I was so fooled. Still, good place.

*One of the odd things in my personality? psyche? issue-box? that i don’t particularly like, but don’t know how to get rid of at all, is that I feel personally responsible for a lot of things. Like, had this place sucked, I would have felt it was my fault, and been really embarassed about going there. Or if I pick a movie, and the other person ends up not liking it, clearly, I have fucked up, and their lack of enjoyment is on me. In little ways, I’ve gotten past this here and there, but it’s no good. Also, it strikes me as a little bit of hubris. Like, I must be pretty high and mighty if all this stuff over which I have absolutely no, or just tangential, control over, is somehow my fault. That’s another odd angle. Anyway.

Next week is going to be busy. I have to take snippet to the vet, I have to take myself to get a mammogram, I have to clean my room and pack, I want to buy some jeans and some more tank tops, maybe some leggings as well. I have to work in there as well, hang out with the cats as much as possible. Buy a ridiculous amount of cat food and litter. And hang out with John. I leave in a week. Eesh. Soon. It will be good, though. I’m a little nervous about showing up halfway through the session, but it should be fine. I’ll get at least a week without a tipi, who knows about the rest of the time.

I am debating buying a digital camera. It’s hard to pick one, and I hate reading reviews. I want a little point and shoot one, basically. But everyone has a different experience, some people are never happy, and some people have lower expectations. So it’s hard to sift through and figure out which one will work. Mostly, I want minimal delay between pushing the button, and having it take. Good quality, or course, but I don’t really care out the face detector thing, or the anti redeye and all. Anti-shake might be good, since I do have shaky hands, but I do all right without it with my film camera. Any suggestions welcome.

I also want a way to transfer pictures form my phone to my computer. The blackberry sync disk program seemed to fail, I think because I don’t have Office, but maybe I was doing it wrong.  Seems like I should be able to anyway. I have a bunch of cat pictures (of course) but also some nice ones of a tiger lily in John’s back yard. Among other things.


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