Oh goodness. Now I have to try to remember what happened the rest of the weekend. We got back to the hotel, and I passed out. John had me set the alarm for 8pm, I suppose so that we could get up and go hang out at Rob’s parents’ house (did I get the apostrophe’s right? I can never remember the possesive rules), and as soon as he did that, I knew we weren’t going anywhere. He doesn’t even remember hearing the alarm. I woke up and turned it off and passed out again.

It worked out, though, and we both felt so much better with our 12 or 13 hours of near-continuous sleep. The parents called in the morning, and we had breakfast with them and Dave and Dave’s wife, which was really nice. His parents really like John, conisder him a part of the family, and fortunately liked me a lot as well, which is always good. It was a good breakfast, we got to say goodbye to everyone and return the tux* and I got to hear stories about everyone. Good family type almost squabbling.

*So, John got really frustrated with having to wear a tux, and having to get measured, and was irritated that he couldn’t just wear his suit. So he measured himself. He lives with other people, but couldn’t be bothered to have them do it, and of course, his measurements were off. Fortunately, the pants have little waist adjusters, so I was able to take it in the extra 6 inches (yeah. I guess the tape was at some weird angle, and he measure in the wrong place or something. But he was 6 inchess off on that measurement, apparently), and he got the rest right enough. The sleeves were a little long, but not terribly, and in the end, he looked pretty good.

We lazed aroung a little and ended up going out to eat, and then finding a b&n so he could get him mom a birthday present and find a fathers day card, and the we went to see Up. Which was as fantastic as every one said, but in ways that I couldn’t have forseen, even with what warnings I had been given. It was also really sad. I cried several times. I want to talk to an 8 year old* and get all their impressions, since there were a lot of dark depressing themes in it. While still being a fantastic kids adventure movie. Then we went back to the hotel, ordered a pizza, and watched mythbusters till 1 am. What a great day all around.

*which I’ll be able to do soon. Camp in less than two weeks. I’m actually excited already. I hope it’s a good year.

Rob had wanted to hang out with us that evening, and we felt a little bad for blowing him off, but at the same time we were both exhausted and didn’t want to go out drinking again, just wanted to laze around and not have to do anything at any particular time, other than the movie. But even then, you have a variety of times to pick from, so there’s no real rush.

Then I woke up sick on monday. Sore throat and lousy feeling all day. It’s turned into a cold, all stuffy nose and lousy feeling. But it’s better than a sore throat, and better that throwing up, so I’m okay with it. Also, it seems to be on it’s way out. Or at least, progressing quickly.

Despite barely being able to swallow and wanting to just curl up in a pile of eulch and wait for it to pass, I ended up running around to a couple of car dealerships. John’s decided to buy another car, since his is dying and the costs of repairs/turbo additions and all were getting pretty high. The first place we went has the car he wants, almost, and they really really wanted him to take it. The lease numbers sounded sort of right, but the finance guy wouldn’t explain how he was coming up with them, which was really annoying. And time consuming. We were there for over 2 hours, mostly being talked at. I went and sat outside for a while to escape. Luckily enough, his dad is also friends with the general manager of another dealership, where he could likely get a deal, so we went over there. And surprise surprise, turns out that the first place had been charging him for a different (more expensive) model, and had lied about there being a rebate. Also, at this place, he’ll get the car for face value. The dealership won’t make any money on it, and will just give it to him for what they pay. He should have in within a month. Fun times. Lots of driving. Lots of boring. Lots of Halls lozenges. But a happy ending.

Tuesday was spent cooking. We tried to make lollipop chicken. The marinade failed. The dipping sauce was great. It took too long to make.

Tired. To continue the tradition, I will write about today later. I also want to record some opinions and observations here, not just detailing what happened. Someday I’ll figure out what I want this all to say.


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