This weekend ended up being pretty great. The drive up on friday was a little hellish, and took about 3-4 hours. Apparently friday at 2 is not such a good time to try to leave the city. And halfway up I realized that I forget my shoes, which was a bummer. They’re really nice, vintage shoes, that would have looked great and been decently comfortable. And I just left them sitting next to the couch. Oh well. Once we got settled at the hotel we found a shoe store not far away and I found a pair of nice suitable shoes for 20 bucks. So that worked out fairly well. There was a bunch of sort of miscommunications and such about John picking up his tux at Rob’s parent house, and we went up there and waited for over half an hour before we found out that they weren’t going to be home for at least another hour (it turned out to be another 3 hours, so, really good that we didn’t wait). At least it was a really nice drive over to them, and I got to see one of Johns favorite roads in connecticut.

We went over to Rob’s place and stuffed some pizza in our faces. Both of us wer starving from the drive and it was now about 6 or 7 at night. We hung out there a bit and admired his gun collection, which, holy crap, was big. 4 rifle type things (I know I’ll get names wrong. Oh well) and about 5 handguns, and his little tiny belt buckle revolver. That one I like. Then after having eaten pizza (John prudently just had one slice. I was in must-stop-blood-sugar-failure mode and ate 3) we went out to eat. Silly. But it was a good place, and the food was good, the maragaritas better. We talked a little about the impending doom of married life, the waitress agreed with us.

The wedding was scheduled for 10 30 in the morning, so we all had to get up stupid early (Really. 10 30. No wedding should happen before 3. If it were up to me.) especially since I had this plan to straighten my hair. Which John ended up doing for me. It looked pretty good.

So, they did the rehearsal about a week ago. With no one really there but the bride and groom. Silly thing #1. Second, no one really knew what was going on, or what should quite happen when. So there was a little bit of fussing and ‘no, no, you stand over there’ and such. The ceremony itself was okay. Shortish. BUt people kept going up to recite passages from the bible, and there were a bunch of prayers, and a lot of standing, then sitting, then standing, then kneeling. During all of this I noticed a yellow froot loop sitting at the edge of the pew in front of me. Since I had picked up a box of froot loops for breakfast (we didn’t have time for real food) I took this as some sort of sign from god. Not sure what it means, though.

My main objection is that vows and rings are supposed to be the last thing that happens, right? you do that, pronounce them, kiss, they walk out. But no. They did that and then we had to stand around for closing prayers. Bah. Also, at one point they did communion, which every church does differently, and in this case, they did it all wrong. Like, no wine. Like, the priest handed John the whole waffer instead of breaking it in to pieces. He took it back, all offended when John just stood there, trying to figure out what to do with this giant biscuit. He had also handed it to him right where he was, instead of telling him to go line up, like usual. Weird.

But Rob and Carole seemed to have a good time. Lots of little looks and comments between them during, which I always like. I was way towards the back of the church, so I missed some stuff, but that was okay.

The reception was great. I mean, I was bummed that there wasn’t more dancing, and that I wasn’t brave enough to go join in what dancing there was. But otherwise, the food was great, there was an open bar, and I got to hang out with people and have a good time. They wer all really nice, and made the socializing easy. I met some of the people I’d only heard about. I took a bunch of pictures. Some people got pictures of us, which is good, since John and I realized that we don’t have any pictures of the two of us. I’m not photogenic at all, so we’ll see what people ended up with.

We were supposed to go back to the hotel, change, and then go to Rob’s parents house for hanging out and pizza type things after, but I was exhausted by then and just passed out. I think I’ll have another entry about sunday and monday, since I’m typing lying down with a cat over my wrists, making typing interesting.


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