Pidgeon woke me up this morning by knocking a glass of water over.  Good way to start. At least I don’t have work today.

I’m starting to get excited about camp. I get to hang out with a bunch of people that I never see otherwise, and I’m getting my trapeze soon, and I have plans of how to make a carrying bag for it. I’m taking 2 more rope classes and 3 more trapeze classes before I leave, so I should have some new stuff to teach this year. I’m glad I went back to the rope class. The first time I liked, but wasn’t that into for some reason, and now while it’s still not my thing, it’s fun. I love the teacher, and I really like getting to manipulate my body and the rope into different patterns that work. I like the kind of useless wraps, the ones where you turn and wrap and turn, and then do one little thing, and the rope just swirls off you. The set up is the trick.

I hope this weekend will be fun. I hope the wedding is good. I mean, it’s a bad idea for him to get married, he really shouldn’t. But I hope John doesn’t punch the girl or anything. I hope he doesn’t get super-depressed about it all. I hope I don’t have to run interference too much. I’m al little mystified about the reception. There’s not going to be dancing. What? Isn’t that half the point of a reception? So, what, we sit around and eat and talk? No electric slide? This is dissapointing. Oh well. So it’ll be interesting to findout what that’s all about. I hope it’s not a long wedding. I hope the weather is good. I need to check on that now. Yesterday summer kind of poked it’s head out and said ‘oh, right, I should do something. Right. I guess it should be a littlw arm then?’ but now we’re back to the rain and grey. Lame. The wedding is inside, so it doesn’t totally matter. Yep, I just checked. 70 degrees and thunderstorms. I was planning on straightening my hair, so that poses a problem there. Because the weather should adjust itself to my hair needs. Oh well. We’ll see what happens. I’ve also never straightened my own (or anyone else’s), so we’ll see how that goes.

I need to clean my room. I have some time to do this, it mainly needs ot get done before I leave, since my friend’s girlfriend is staying here for a few weeks. She of course said, oh, don’t worry about it, but she does not know me, and the level of sloppiness that I am capable of. Also, it has a tendency to get dusty pretty quickly, so I at bare minimum need to do something about that. And, you know, all the paper and clothes I have strewn around.

Trapeze by myself later today. Always good, but nervewracking a little. All the attention is on me.


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