Almost tired

Long, good day. Mostly. It improved over time. Sort of. Hmm. It had a good ending. I had to go strike the paramus thing. NJ transit is really kind of awful. Buses run pretty close to schedule, but that’s about the only good thing. I guess the buses are clean, too. But really, one bus an hour? That part drives me nuts. Also, there are several different kinds of the bus number I needed. All the same number. But one goes just to the mall, one runs express, one skips some other stuff. It’s all very confusing. Anyway.

Strike went fine. This annoyed maintenance guy tried to take the genie lift from me, but I swuashed that. He didn’t even need it for another hour, so I’m not sure why he was taking it away just to charge it. Whatever. Other than that, and being on my own for the whole thing, it was fine. And I missed the bus I needed, and the next one got me back too late to really go to my next job, so I got to go home early. So, um, thanks, njt, for sucking, so I could have a free afternoon.

Mike got home a little after me, and was sort of freaking out. He just got a promotion and a raise, which is great, but he has no days off for the next month, and has an insane schedule, and the restaurant he works at asked him to work at their other place as well. So, something like double shifts every day for the next month. Couple that with an already-in-place anxiety disorder, and he started having a panic attack. Which was really odd to watch. He was talking a bunch and mentioned feeling terrible, which I assumed was because he went out drinking the night before (which he mentioned also), but then he started saying he thought he was close to a breakdown, and that he thought he was having a panic attack. I wasn’t sure what to do, and offered a couple things. Around this time he also started twitching and looking really miserable. Sudden muscle tic/spasms. Good thing he had some idea, and had me look up the nearest hospital and call him a car. He came home less than an hour later, still feeling lousy, but panic gone, so that was good.

And then I had rope class! Always fun. I really like the teacher, and while rope isn’t my thing, it is fun, and I got to try some new stuff, and relearn some old things the right way. Satisfying. I’m going to two more before I leave. I also want to schedule 3 trapeze classes. And perhaps go to aerial playtime once or twice. I want to get in as much aerial training as possible before I go off and try to teach it. I’m glad I have enough money right now to take all these classes.

Okay. Now I am tired. And it’s time to sleep. Short day tomorrow, always good.


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