Day of leisure

This is fantastic. I got home at 1 30 last night, since the show ended at about 10 30, and the next bus wasn’t till 11 16. It almost passed us by, but somehow noticed (in the dark and rain, so I undrstand how he almost missed us) and we got on. Then over an hour to port authority and an hour n the subway. But I got a bottle of wine, and I got to hear dancer gossip, and I have nothing to do today. I wok up at 8 30 and fed the cats, woke up at 11 and said nope, not enough sleep yet, and then woke up at 1 30. The cats think thisis great, I’m actually around and they get to curl up with me. The sad thing about a day of leisure, though, is that it’s now 3pm, and I feel like it’s almost over. I have a few things I need to do, and there’s just not enough time for all the laziness I want to get done.

Continuing on the theme of people who shouldn’t have gotten married, this girl I knew in college is at the top of that list. She moved to new york a couple years ago. August a couple years ago to be specific. She started dating this guy in like october, maybe november. He seemed perfect, she’s the type who wants things to be perfect, and he started proposing some time in december. So then they got married last august. Jesus. It seems to me (being a totally judgemental outsider to all of this. I just read it on her myface blog) that this guy is way too young, first of all, and secondly, somehow had this very girlish (by which I mean the type that most girls have when thy’re young) image in his head. He seemed to be totally in the infatuation stage, and then have this really traditional wedding in mind and he really liked the idea. So he playacted through it. Because it was fun and exciting and he was oh so in love. She was too, but theydiscovered over the course of planning the wedding that she was not so traditional. She just wanted to go down to city hall in jeans and call it good. He was like ‘if you don’t wear a white dress, it means you don’t think so much of me’. What? Anyway. My interpretation is that she, while being easily swept up in this, was looking forward to the marraige. She may have ahs an idyllic unrealistic vision of domestic life, but she really wanted a life partner. He was really excited about the wedding and had some vague idea of what life after was, and was sure that whatever it was, it would have rainbows and sunshine and he’d be rich. Because it was ‘in the future’. So they got married. And of course now he’s turning sullen, hates her haircut, they don’ talk much, he called her a bitch, blahdy blahdy blah. I have nothing to do with this, so I have no reason to get worked up at all, but it bugs me. I want to slap some sense into her (although she seems to be sort of getting it already), but I don’t know her that well. And it’s none of my business. She does say, though, “We’d like to think we didn’t make the biggest mistake of our lives, and that… somewhere out there is someone who loves us enough to tell us the truth if we did.” Well, I certainly don’t love her, but man, I do want to tell her. Anyway.

I’m hungry. It’s time to get up, put on a dress (it’s not raining today! I can see sky! Celebrate!) go foodshopping, drop off my laundry (yeah. I figured out that it only costs like 5 or 7 bucks more to drp it off, and it’s so worth 5 or 7 bucks to me to have someone else swap it to the dryer, and fold everything. The ease of it is addicting), and something else. Take out the trash. That and visiting John for dinner is all I have planned for today. Huzzah.


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