Aside from the fact that I fucked up my computer yesterday (but then fixed it today, hurray), these are good days. It’s starting to be al sunny and warm, but no too hot, and not really humid yet. I’m also doing faulous money wise. So much so, I think i can pay off two of my debt things, which is relieving. I can not only pay these off, but buy my trapeze when i get to camp and still have money to live to when I get back from camp. This is fantastic news. Also fantastic- the fact that I worked for two hours today and yet got paid for eight. I love my boss,and his philosphy ofnot punishing us for working quickly. So I came home a little after noon, took a nap on the clock, and did some much needed grocery shopping. The place I was workig today and yesteray is right off times square, it’s going to be some kind of museum exhibit thing. I don’t know of what yet, but it’s all dusty and sheetrocky inside, painters everywhere. Breathing was not great in there. At lunch yesterday, I got to go sit out on Broadway. They’ve started up the thing of closing off a few blocks of it, and have all these lawn chairs hanging out. I think it’s great, though incredibly surreal to be sitting in the midle of times square. I’m not sure it improves traffic, but it doesn’t seem to slow it down any. And it as really nice to sit there in the sun and people watch. Most people going through there are tourists, and so just sit down for  few minutes to rest, so there seem to always be chairs available.

So things are good. It’s nice to be this busy, but at the same time, kind of relaxed. I hope this weather stays awhile.


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