More piddle

Ian continues to be a giant pain in the ass. I don’t want to go into it, as just thinking about this whole mess makes me pretty furious. He sent me one of the most insulting emails I’ve ever recieved, he’s lying about shit, and he’s copying a lawyer on emails (which is retarded since he has no case). Sigh. Basically, he wants his deposit back. We have no problem with this, and just haven’t gotten it to him yet because things have been a little crazy, etc. He moved out 3 weeks ago, and is already freaking out. He also called me stupid and pointed out that he’s a leaseholder. Which makes him really retarded, since as a leaseholder, he is then legally obligated to keep paying rent. He never paid the deposit to the landlord, so it’s all verbal, and we could just tell him to fuck himself, and any small claims court would back us up (coupled with the fact that our lease forbids subletting without writeen permission, and he never told the landlord that he was moving out. Dumbass). Blarg. Moving on.

I sent an email to one of the people I met at the master classes letting him know I really liked his talk, and if he ever needed an assistant, I was probably available, here’s my resume. He wrote back yesterday with-

“It was good to meet you. Who was your teacher?
Do you have any interest in going to a grad program? The Johnny Carson
School has a Grad. assistant line open at the moment. Just over $8,200
stipend for the year with full tuition waiver. Depending on GPA, more
grants may be available. Let me know.”

Wha? Is it just me, or does it seem like I just got asked to apply to grad school with a fairly certain guarantee of getting it? Who knows. But it was really cool to get that reply, and I want to ask him more. I had recently been considering grad school, since I’m kind of stuck now, but I was considering in terms of start research on programs in the fall, possibly apply in the winter, maybe not till next winter. It’s very startling to think about starting this fall. Not that I’ve made up my mind to apply yet. I want to know more about the program, and what an assistantship entails and everything. It’s also a film program, it seems, which is kind of great, but also nto what I want. But I might want it after being around it some, it’s a whole other interesting area that I know nothing about. So I have to email him back. I’m formulating a reply.

I’m leaving for camp in a month. Just over. But yeesh. That’s soon. My summer here is almost over. Which is a dramatic way of putting it, but really, I’m here for june, and then I’m gone till some time mid-august. I’m not even sure yet when I’m coming back, that plane ticket hasn’t been bought yet. I’m hoping John comes out to visit again. It would be great if we could find a car that needs to be driven to the east coast, and take a road trip back. Though that means being away from the cats for even longer. That’s the problem with Camp, aside from not quite being paid enough and still paying rent here. I feel really bad for leaving my cats in other people’s hands for that long. And I can’t even call them and talk to them. But this time it’s Madeline that will be taking care of them and not Ian (grrr) so it should be fine. Also, they’re cats. And while I know that they miss me (based on how they act when I come back) they are pretty self sufficient, and don’t care that much as long as they’re fed. So that’s good. I have to buy a stockpile of catfood. Expensive little beasts. Who are getting more picky about their dry food. I found one that they’re tolerating for now, let’s see how long that lasts. I am so on my way to crazy cat lady-hood. Oh well.

Time to get up. I was technically supposed to get to the staged reading right about now, but I can roll in a few hours late and no one cares. Hurray for silly jobs.


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