Up and up

So I’ve had a really good chunk of time this past however long it’s been since I wrote here last. I volunteered for and so got to attend the Broadway Lighting Master Class series. Fantastic. Amazing. I met a bunch of cool people, handed my card to designers who are so far far above me and amazing and yet stopped and talked to me and seemed grateful and interested in what I had to say. The production manager for it and i hit it off as well, so I got a free ticket to 9-5, got to go with everyone else and stay afterwards and wander around on the stage and ask questions. It was pretty cool. And a good show. Shallow story, but good, and really funny. Said production manager might also hire me for other stuff later on, so that’s also pretty cool. At the show, I was sitting between a lighting legend, and¬†another great designer who I know from an email list that I’m on, and behind the guy who designed Passing Strange. It was a little surreal and I as a little giddy. It was just really nice to be in a space with all of these people who understand how I feel, and listening to people talk and remind me why i do this, why I love it. It was also really great to hear about different approaches and see how people work a little. And I got some cool swag. All around, excellent experience, and it was a little soul crushing to go back into the office today. So much so that I slept in about and extra 3 hours and went in to work at noon today. Also, John stayed over most of the night and I didn’t catch up on sleep as much as I’d wanted, though it was completely worth it.

It’s also been really nice weather lately, all sunny and pretty. I did a couple sessions of trapeze without a teacher, and I think I put together a rough routine for Madeline to do in her show in the fall. I’m really excited about going to Camp in a month and picking up my own trapeze while I’m there. I’ve checked ahead money-wise, and it seems like I’ll actually be in really good (or at least, not totally broke) shape for the summer, so that’s really exciting. Last year I didn’t work enough and miscalculated and had to borrow money from my parents in order to pay rent. No good. But this year seems like it will work out. Including paying off a couple debts. Exciting.

It always seems like people write less when they”re happy with things, and I’m trying not to let that be the case here, but I’m out running around and doing things, or curled up with the cats watching stuff, and it’s all going well.


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