What a nice bunch of days. The week kind of sucked, lots of working that I didn’t partcularly like, not enough sleep, etc. Though I did get to see Star Trek opening night (why the heck was no one dressed up??), which was great, though it was at an imax theatre and it’s freaking impossible to track things in action scenes, everything is so huge and fast. But it was all sorts of fun and worth the tiredness.

But then saturday I had off. John stayed over the night before, and we slept in and then got up and went to the Intrepid, this big aircraft carrier museum dealie. It was fun. A lot of walking, and apparently they’ve rearranged and taken out some of the cool stuff, but I liked all the planes and getting to explore. We have to go back when the submarine is open.

Then we went and got thai food from this place that I really like, but John has been resistant to go to for a while. It was good as usual, and he was glad we went.

Sunday was long. I had a strike that went well and fast, and then I went all the way back to Brooklyn, met up with Madeline and her friend Annie for spanish food (which was fantastic,  I need to go back) and hung out and talked. Annie helped us make a pro/con list about roommates, and we decided we liked Mike best (yay!) and called him to invite him over tonight to meet Rob and see if he’s still interested. So that’s happening soon. Then we went back into the city and went shoe shopping. We both needed sneakers, and I finally got a real pair, that have real foot cushioning. After an unwavering steam of Converse, that recently wavered and added Rocket Dogs that are very nice but still have not really any support, it was exciting to get running shoes and have them be all squishtastic. In a word. We killed some time before going down to see Rob play with his band (it seems weird to say that when it’s just him and his friend Joe. I gues playing IN his band might work better.) It was exciting. Small place, not so many people, big loud noise. It’s just bass and drums, and loud and yelling, but I liked it. Not the kind of music I pick, but fun to go see. They got done at about 10 30, and I went home and crashed.

Today, I decided not to go to work. It was a good decision. I rode my bike to park slope and dropped it off at a shop to get the brakes adjusted, went on some swings, walked back slowly, and then cleaned the house. I swept almost all the floors, mopped the kitchen and the bathroom, and did dishes. Unfortunately/fortunately, right around then the landlord showed up to fix the sink, which has been leaking both at the faucet and from the pipe below. It was great to get that fixed, but I couldn’t really do much while he was here and he got the kitchen floor all gross again. I cleaned that and then scrubbed all of the horriblly disgusting much that had accumulated under the sink. It was terrible. It was hard to tell how bad it really was before, and we just kind of ignored it. Eesh. But I kicked it’s ass, and it’s not terrible anymore, and the sink doesn’t leak, and the bathroom is clean. Huzzah. A worthwhile day with much accomplished, while still having a lazy sleep in morning. After Mike leaves, I’m going to catch up on more online tv (I think Fringe, I’m a couple episodes behind) and go to bed at a decent time. I’m excited. And am not ashamed of that.


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