baba ganoosh go the vampires

Long week 1 down, long week 2 ahead.

The little show got loaded in fine, tech was faster than I thought, but still slower than it needed to be. All in all, no bad. Aside from the part when the douchebag stage manager fucked up and they called me all upset about something I had already explained andwarned about that was easily fixable. And then I had to go by the next day and run through all the cues to reassure them, even though it was already fixed (and was never broken). That part was annoying, and added to my already ridiculous schedule. Oneof the satisfying things about being this busy, though, is that the mta is losing money on me. Muahahahaha. Corrupt bastards who somehow have no money (even though they are excessively well paid, and the perks are ut the wazoo) and are raising my monthly card price by fucking $22 next month. Erg. Anyway

I worked a lot. I was very tired. I was supposed to work all weekend, bu that job got cancelled because of th swine flu. To be fair, it was going to be held in a hospital. Personally, I think it’s stupid to hold an event like that in a hospital in the first place. It’s been changed to a semi-overnight gig on wednesday night, I have to decide if the money is worth the tired. It might be. But, since it was not this weekend, I got to go see Wolverine rip shit up. It was awesome. John was surprised by how good it was, and Wolverine would have a hard time doing wrong in my eyes, so I was happy. It was good, and aside from the usual ‘that isn’t actually possible’ bits, it all fit together well and didn’t contradict the other movies. Who knows about the books. The opening sequence was particularly well done.

OH. The big news. IAN IS MOVING OUT. Thank you sweet baby jesus. All I had to do was wait a little. Of course, it’s Ian, and so he’s being an ass about everything. Like- he put an ad on craigslist and then asked if we were around on monday to see people, after I told him to just forward all replies to Madeline and me and we would deal with picking. Like- after that, he announced that someone was coming by on monday and if she was decent he was just going to get a deposit from her. Like- he’s moving out on monday or tuesday and Madeline said hey, lets meet up sunday night so we can talk about deposit and stuff, and until she asked specifically if he was going to be home he didn’t mention that he had a gig and wouldn’t be around. Like- the reason he’s so desperate to just throw anyone into his room is because he needs the deposit money by the 10th. What a dumbass. If you’re going to move on such short notice, you had better have the money saved up. This also contradicts his original email in which he said “If there is an issue with getting a new roomate, which I am sure there won’t, I know I am responsible for the next months rent.” Direct quote and all.

Sheesh. Whatever. It’ll work itself out, and then I won’t have to deal wit him ever again. He said it was a room in queens, so I’m going to imagine that he’s living with Leslie. That will make me cheerful every time I remember.

I had  few other observations to make, but I can’t remember. Today was nice, I slept in, cleaned my room, finally got some rubber cement and glued the birds that John brought me from Costa Rica to my bookshelves. Also started up the Hydra project, but I think it might be black and white film in the camera, which would be no good. I’ll find out, I guess. It was nice to be productive but still lazy. I watched The Office in between bouts of cleaning, and kept wandering off to play with the cats, and doing things in no particular order. I also got my ac back up. I miss my window a little, but it’s getting to be too hot to sleep sometimes (not today, of course, the day I actually do something about it), and it’s nice white noise to sleep to. I still have to change my sheets, but the day isn’t done yet.


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