Sick again

Whee. Woke up at 2am on tuesday to throw up. Waited around. Threw up again at 3. Sort of tried to get some sleep. Threw up again at 4 30. Fever all day. Broke in the evening. At a couple of bananas and a piece of toast. I probably could have gone to work today, but you’re supposed to stay home the day after a fever or something, and I was feeling lazy. And when I talked to my supervisor on tuesday she sounded really surprised that I was going to try to come in today, so I’m taking advantage of that.

Iwent to a rehearsal of the show monday night, and it was interesting. It was just the first act, and not the whole thing. It’s sort of a play with in a play, and they were just doing the play part, not the framework. I’ve worked in that space before, and it’s better equipt than I remembered, which is always good. It’s still going to be a little weird, and hard to enact my ideas. We’ll see. I’m also still not quite excited yet. That may not catch on until I actually get into tech. Which is like 2 weeks. Eesh. Fortunately I still have the excuse of not having seen the whole thing yet, so I don’t have to figure out a plot for a littl while. And I’m the one doing all the hanging and all, so I can get away with scribbled notes. I wish I were more enthusiastic about this. I suppose I could convince myself to be. Meh.

I’m starting to be hungry again, which is great. There’s almost nothing to eat in the house, which is not. I’ll figure something out.

Oh, about the breast thing. So it turns out I’m not eligible for that thing. So i get to go to Kings hospital and hang out there and qualify for everything and blah blah. I was going to go yesterday, but I was too busy aching and sleeping.


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