Further frustration

So on march 3rd, I went in for a depo shot and an annual exam. I (and I regret this now) said hey, let’s do the exam first. Then they found a lump in my breast (my rational mind is totally certain that this is nothing, and just needs to be checked out to make sure. They also won’t give me my birth control until I get it checked out. My hypochondriac mind has already figured out who to give my stuff to and all that), and referred me to the RL center. I made an appointment for april 2nd. For some reason having to do with their grants and me being uninsured, I had to wait that month. The morning of, they called and cancelled, and said that the funding had been cut and to call the ACS in brooklyn. I called, they said ‘wtf, that’s not right, we’re going to call Colombai’. C then called me back saying okay, we’re going to figure this out, let me call RL and PP for you. I hear nothing and keep calling every day to try to get an answer. Then I leave them alone for a couple days. Today, I called C and finally got an answer that she had talked to RL last thursday, and they were supposed to call me. In the last whirlwind half hour, I called RL, and after being transfered around some talked to a very nice woman who said I’m so sorry, we can’t see women under the age of 50 anymore, this really sucks, you need to call ACS in brooklyn back and make them give you an appointment. Oh boy. She was very nice, and gave me her direct line so I could call her later and let her know how everything turned out. Fine. So I call ACS, and they say wtf? We thought we cleared you up, because you were screened before april 1st, RL is supposed to take care of you. I talked her through the whole process that I had just been sent through, and she is now calling RL to yell at them to give me an appointment. This is ridiculous. I just want to not worry about this any more. I want to be back on birth control. I want John to not have to worry.

And on top of it all, I have to write a bio for the program of the show I’m working on. I hate bios.


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