Busy day

I sort of woke up at about 10 20, and sat up to open mycomputer at 11. It’s now 2 25. So far today, I have-

-Emailed 5 jobs, all office type junk, but a couple sound good.

-Emailed my resume to 27 lighting designers with the basic message of ‘hire me, assholes’. But stated much more politely and professionally.

-Called Sally May and gotten them to give me an unemployment forebearance

-Called a debt collector asshole and got them to give me until april 22nd to pay a closeout deal thing instead of the total amount I actually owe. Saving me 300 bucks.

-Read through another 3 months of someone’s online journal.

-Eaten half a bag of veggie booty

-Attempted to watch a tv show through megavideo. It failed.

For 3 hours of functionality so far, I feel pretty decent. I have a couple more calls to make, and I will continue trolling CL for something appealing (or just acceptable) and I may even shower and put real clothes on. Excitement.


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