Getting better.

So, I start the temp job on wednesday. The interview went fine, not too long. I did have to fill out an application which involved me squinting in concentration thinking “what the hell was the address of that place?” Having not really had a real job, listing the ‘three most recent employers’ and my rate of pay and junk there tends to be a little weird. Speaking of rate of pay, I will be making (ready for it?) all of Twelve bucks and hour! Which isn’t bad, and seems to be the lowish end of standard for this type of thing, and she did say that it was to start, and after a bit could be reevaluated and all that. But still. On thursday I can only work 4 hours instead of what will be the usual 5, and I was thinking ‘oh boy. 48 bucks pretax. I guess that’s one trapeze class’. The good thing about getting paid half of what I am used to (hey, theatre work pays great, but it ain’t consistent at all) is that I will think in those terms, and thus eat out way less (“that was 45 minutes that I just consumed in 10”), which will save me a ton of money. And I need to spend less money in general.

Also, this is just part time, 25 hours a week. So I can still do most electrician stuff, and/or possibly find another part time thing.

I had more to talk about, but I can’t remember. The hour and a half trapezr class was totally worth it. I’m pretty sore today. We did a lot of new stuff, which was good. Up to this point, we’d mostly done stuff I already knew, but learning ways to connect things, and move around. This time it was a lot of new things, and a lot of rope work, which I’m scared of and won’t do on my own. It was good to be pushed to do it, since I am capable of it. I need more leotards. I only have one, and that’s not quite enough. Though I can get away with just doing leggings and a tank top. I did laundry today and discovered that I have 19 tank tops. I am now not allowed to complain about needing more.

John still hasn’t decided about the place in bridgeport, but keeps checking into commute times, and it turns out his work has a commuter check type program, which would save him about a thousand a year in travel. I think he’s not going to buy it, but it’s so pretty and perfect that he’s having a hard time giving it up. I’m not sure what I’d do in his place. And now it is time to o visit him at work.

OH. Also. Apparently I have allergies. WTF. At work the other day, where they were filming, it was a wedding reception, and they had these giant vases of flowering tree branches, and I quickly realized that when in the same area as them, I became much more stuffed up. So the past couple days I’ve been taking claritin, and holy cow. I thought stightly stuffed up was my natural state these days, but apparently, it doesn’t have to be. That stuff totally works. Now I have to learn to stop sniffing out of habit. Very undignified.


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