Oh, also

About that aerial showcase. It was interesting. There was one very good act in which everything worked together, music and movement and facial expression*, one fantasticly theatrical act with two single point trapezes. That was possibly the best act, and fortunately was the closing piece. And there was one very strong and lovely rope act. Then there were a few pretty good things, and then there were a couple of bad things. There was an act with one woman and two hoops, which could have been so much better, but was boring. And looked like something she was sort of working on and playing around with and hadn’t figured out a real diection for an act yet. And then there was this fantastically godawful sort of performance art piece. It was just kind of laughably bad in it’s idea (there was a full drum kit and the guy also sang, and it was all about how she-the girl on the trapeze- was a lonely little girl and her parents don’t care and something about going out on a highway and I stopped paying attention to that part after a while) and she was topless and had these patches of feathers glued to her boobs and I;m sure I wasn’t the only one who fully expected the glue to fail at some point (it didn’t). It doesn’t sound quite that bad in writing, but add to it that it was all just tricks, no flow, and it was pretty lousy. But entertaining. Made for a good description when I relayed my review to Madeline.

*The problem with so many aerial acts is that the music is just a background. It would be more awkward for it to be silent, so they throw something that vaguely fits behind it. Also, what do you do with your face? I’ve always had trouble with this. If you’re not doing a total character piece, then it’s hard to know. The default of blank concentration doesn’t work if the audience is that close. With this piece, the music gave it a story, and that gave enough of a character to play, and it worked out well. If I were to perform, the hardest part would be finding the right music.

Judging by that, I could viably perform in this myself, at this point. Which was a little depressing. But I want to get much better and put together something interesting before I attempt to perform again.


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