Good grief

What a tiring couple days. I actually had work, which is part of the tiring. I’ve been on a 4am-noon sleep schedule, and getting up to be at work at 9am yesterday was rough. But work was good, and only till 2. I went home and showered and John eventually came over. I wanted to take him to the afghani place that I went to with my cousin. When she and I went, we just got two appetizers and a side order, all were pretty good and I wanted to show him around that neighborhood a little. Boy oh boy did it not quite turn outhow I’d pictured. We went back, and after a closer look at the menu, not just the appetizers and sides, we determined that this was actually an indian place. My eggplant appetizer was okay, his dumplings and chickpea sauce bore an uncanny resemblence to chef boyardee. At least in taste. Then, we both ordered entrees with meat, but no meat showed up. Mine was okay, but kind of pointless without the meat. His was a sea of really bad spinach. He didn’t eat it. I ate a bunch, to make it look eaten. The waitress was really nice, and neither of us complained. Such a let down, though. And I felt reallybad for talking it up and being excited and dragging him on both subway and bus to get there. Going back, waiting for the bus was taking too long, so we walked that portion. It was a nice night, so that was good.

I had to be at work at 7 in the morning, so waking up at 5 30. Last night was Madeline and Rob’s room warming party. Holy hell. Loud loud loud drunkish people. All night. Not all night. But they kept me up till 2 and then I couldn’t sleep till 3. Fortunately John stayed over. Himbeing curled around me and warm made me not as irritated. And work today was okay. I ended up with 8 hours instead of 4, and didn’t fall over from lack of sleep. Though I did mean to do laundry today, and that plan got dumped. Tomorrow.

W’e’re taking an hour and a half trapeze class tomorrow, which I’m excited about. An hour is good, but feels likewe’re just getting started. There’s so much I want to try out and learn.

And then my temping stuff starts monday. Goodness. Well, I hope it starts. I realized that I might be getting ahead of myself, and this is an interview, not a first day. But I’m excited about it. Data entry? Filing stuff? Photocopying? Fantastic. Part time, so I can attemt to do other stuff as well, and mindless and paying. And my aunt works there, so I’ll get to see her more.  Good things on the horizon. I hope this is setting a trend.

OH. I’m not sure if I mentioned this. John found a place, possibly. He went and looked at it on friday. Apparently it’s fantastic and pretty and next to a park and all sorts of good. But, a little expensive, and commuting from Bridgeport would be expensive and take a long time. 2 hours each way. Also, for me to visit him would be a trek. Also, if I were to move in with him, I would need to get a job in bridgeport. He can commute since he only works 3 days a week. My schedule would either be this erratic, or mean doing that 5 days a week. Also, I don’t think there’s any trapeze in bridgeport. So he’s still deciding, and torn because it is such a great place. Erg.


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