Looking up

So I have temp work, probably. Going in on monday to find out more, which is great. Gives me plenty of time to iron stuff and do laundry and print a resume, and mentally prepare. Possibly also to get my sleep schedule back to ‘normal’. I’ve been doing the 4 am to noon sleep cycle. I like it, but for working 9-1, it may not work out so well. But- I have temp work! So I can stop freaking out and checking craigslist every 10 minutes. And Ican start making money to support my trapeze habit.

I am loving trapeze, by the way. I missed it over the years, and kept going back for a class or two, and it’s so nice now to be with a great teacher, with a fairly regular schedule. Except that once a week is so not enough.  I watch youtube videos and get ideas. I scribble things down on the subway. I try to describe things to people using stick drawing and occasionally contorting my body around and telling them to imagine the ropes and bar. It’s exciting and frustrating. I want to play more.

I saw Tenaya and Alex tonight; I was supposed to get their small tv, but we ended up hanging out too late, so they’re going to bring it to me anther time, or something. I got to see what she’s been working on in her drawing class. She was always good, but it’s getting to be freaking great. And I got to show her one that I’m working on and they both had complimentary things t say, and good suggestions about how to fix things that were bothering me and what to do next. And it was nice to han out with friends. Clearly, I don’t enough, because I notice that every time I do, I comment on how nice it was, a good change of pace and all.

Tomorrow Snippet has yet another vet appointment. And then in the evening I’mgoing to go see this monthly aerial showcase thing. In between, I think I’ll maybe do laundry, and work out, and catch up on my internet tv watching habit.


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