Sick and broke

I sort of got sick again. A couple weeks ago I had a terribly annoying bad cold. Last night I went to visist John and realized when I got on the train that i had a sore throat and felt vomitous. Which led to exhaustion and achiness. Today was far better, and I’m very glad that the work I went to lets me waltz in at almost any time, so I slept in more and took a bath before going.

This sucks though. I’d heard that everyone gets sick a lot more their first year in new york. Adjusting to all the people and pollutants and all. This is the start of my third year. I seem to get badly sick at least 3 times, with numerous small colds and such in between. I’m very much of the school of not being overprotective, and you need to be around this stuff so you can develop immunities and antibodies and such. But this is silly. Down with germs. More obsessive handwashing and medicating all around.

So it looks like I picked up some work. Which is great. Slight downside- being out of town for 6 weeks. Upside, work for 6 weeks straight. Downside- it doesn’t start till may. Upside- I don’t have to worry about work all through may. For the moment, though, I have 9 hours this week, and that’s all. I’ve collected all the money owed to me from other work, and have nothing new coming in. And my stupid landlord hasn’t deposited my rent check yet, so at first I thought I had a lot more money than I do. That was disappointing to realize. I need work for the next month and a half. I’ve got my tax returns coming, but I have plns for all of that already. And I’m very much getting back into trapeze. It makes me really happy to get to do, and I don’t want to give that up. But it costs a good bit of money. And metrocards are going up. And I need to pay the gas bill. And my phone is expensive (though worth it) and I need to eat, and all this other stuff that means shelling out. Bah. I’ll figure something out. I wish I knew what was going on with the school job I applied for. I should be hearing from them soon. If they want to interview me. Which they darn well should.


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