So it goes

Whee. Trapeze was good again today. More indescribable stuff. I sort of invented something? I was trying to do somthing, did it wrong, and got myself out of it. Somehow it worked, and I was able to recreate it, but I’m still not totally sure how it worked. So that was exciting.

Yesterday, the 21st, was John and my known-each-other-for-two-years anniversary. Pretty cool. And for the second year in a row, we completely forgot, but somehow ended up spending a lovely day together. Last year was more exciting and adventuresome, this year was star trek and curling and fooling around andreally good homemade burgers and milkshakes. It was a good day in.

On friday, I went to an aerial playtime thing, which was fun, but odd. I was the only person there who really knew trapeze, everyone else was doing stuff on the two silks. It’s odd, silks are fairly new, and very pretty, but alo very hard to do. They require a lot more grip strength, a lot moe upper body stuff, and a lot more endurance than trapeze. But it’s the new thing. Everyone I meet that does aerials these days seems to do that. It was disconcerting to be the trapeze expert in the room. Also, somehow over the course of it, I screwed up my back. I’m not sure how, I didn’t do any one thing that triggered it. But slowly over the hour it got worse and worse. And then continued to hurt through today. Class this afternoon and a hot bath seem to have mostly fixed it, which it good. I’m used to a lot of pain, I’ve been doing physically active bendy odd things my whole life, and this was a new kind of pain, and it didn’t diminish, which is odd.

I visited my cousin this week, which was great. She recently moved, so now she’s pretty close by, and in her own place. I got a good bit of apartment envy. It’s big, though the kitchen is small, but workable, and hardword floors and closetness, and big windows, and  I like the neighborhood. We had a good time, playing with her cats and walking around the neighborhood. We went to this Afghan place that turned out to be fantastic. I’m glad to be back in touch with her, hopefully we’ll hang out more.

Tenaya is giving away her tv, and I’m taking it. This will be interesting.


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