With the greatest of ease

Goodness. i have a bunch of things stocked up in my head that I wanted to write about. And of course at the moment, I can’t remember most of them

One being about how my keyboard/the internet/something is going a little weird. In certain boxes, like this one, gmail composing, comments elsewhere, it keeps skipping letters. I know I hit the keys, I know I hit them hard enough, but what I write, if  I don’t correct it, looks like a careless person who likes some sort of demented interwebspeak contractions wrote it. An image I try to avoid. Oh well.

I went to a fantastic trapeze class the other day. Getting there (not in the literal sense) is  a saga that I’m glad is concluded. When originally started looking for trapeze around here, I found this woman, but the website was under construction, and I couldn’t find any second hand information about her. I wasn’t living with Madeline at this point, or I could have asked her, it turns out. So, I went with this other class which was fine, but not for me, really. Blah blah, fastforward. I finall remembered and looked her up again, and the website was up this time. But not with any class rates or schedule or anything. I am shy in a really stupid way, and like to know as much as possible without actually having to talk to anyone. So again, I took a different class. Finally, a couple months ago, I stopped being such a pansy, and emailed her to find out rates and times and everything.  And so finally, after a bunch of discussion, and coordinating with Madeline, and taking a few classes elsewhere, we found a time that worked, and it all fell into place.

It was great, I worked really hard, but left feeling better, not exhausted. She somehow knows the exact right things to say, both about what you are doing and what you need to be doing, for it to make sense, and for my body to know exactly how to correct or whathaveyou. We put together a short sequence and worked on that. It had a few things that I hadn’t done before in it, that were fantastic. Sadly, completely undescribable, but trust me. We’re dropping the other guy we had been taking classes with and switching to her, which is a little sad. We both feel a little bad for ditching him, and he’s nice, and skilled and such. But she’s a much better teacher, and especially as Madeline is working towards putting an act together for a show in september, she needs to be in a class this good. Also, it’s cheaper than most places. Rather, it’s the same amount, but it’s just the two ofus, so we get alot more out of the money. Totally worth it. Now I need to get a steady part time job to help support this. I can afford it at the moment, but at this rate o getting work, I won’t be able to keep doing this in a month or so. No good. I hate this constant battle of either working or looking for work. And now it’s time to go back to looking.

As an illustration, since I do static, not flying trapeze, here’s a picture from this summerbendy-gazelle


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