There was some excitemet around here last night. A sort of a fire across the street. It was weird. I didn’t notice until the second fire engine was pulling up. There ended up being 4 engines (those are the ones with the ladder, right?) 1 truck (thone ones with the water?), 3 fire marshall cars, one ambulance, 1 RAC truck, 1 police car. Which is a hell of a lot. There were firefighters and hoses everywhere. We could smell a bit ofsmoke when the wind shifted, but couldn’t really see anything. They broke the upstairs window with the ladder thing. That was the exciting part. After that, it got really dissapointing. Not that I want a big fire across the street (especially since a guy Madeline knew in college and an old guy who I see hanging out and occasionally being interviewed live there), but really. If you’re going to call out that many fire fighters, I would hope there was something actually happening. Theybarely went in. The old guy came out, I guess no one else as home. There was lots of milling about, and then they left. So, you know, I’m glad no one was hut, and there was no huge destruction of property. But still. A flae or two would have been nice. Or billowing smoke.

I did very quickly know exactly what to grab should it spread and we be forced to evacuate. I did laundry recently, and haven’t put it away, so just scoop all my clean clothes back into the bag, grab the laptop, my passport and birth certificate, the cats, a couple other random things. Also, put on real pants and shoes. Under 5 minutes, I figure, unless the cats don’t cooperate.

I’m subbing as a board op for my friend. It’s a theatre I’ve worked in before, so it’s kind of cool to be back. Today there’s a rehearsal, and I have to be the one to adjust cues, which is a little nerve wracking. The designer is very nice, but I’m new, and jumping right in, and I’m a little rusty on that board. It’ll be fine. And I get to stop by and get one of my favorite pick-your-own-ingredients salads. They’re one of my favorite things about this city. I wonder if they have them elsewhere much.

In other fantastic news, Peeps have appeared in stores! They may have been there for a while now, but I happened to go to Rite Aid yesterday and found them there, to my great joy. They’re better if you leave them out and let them get a bit stale, but I think I need to hide them to do that. I had 10 on the window ledge. We’re down to 1. Poor lonely Peep. I may have to eat him to end his misery. And then buy more and hide them in a cabinet.

Time to get ready for work. John is off skiing without me. Bummer.


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