Boy, I’m immature sometimes

So Ian made a crock pot a couple weeks ago. And then put in in the fridge. And then never ate it. Madeline cleaned out the fridge several days ago, and moved it to the counter,and left him a note saying hey, could you deal with it. He didn’t. Note also- he refuses to share food expenses, but used her chicken to make it. Somewhat related, he also owes her 26 bucks, and me 52 for bills. We put a note up about the money when we paid them, a couple weeks ago, she put up a note asking him to buy her more chicken. So tonight, in a wild display of immaturity, I moved the crock pot into his room, and left a note in it’s place saying hey buddy, pay up on bills, and buy some chicken. Not the most mature of solutions, but really. He’s the guy who threw shit all over the kitchen *twice*, and tookt he time to write a note about how sharing household expenses (like soap, trash bags, etc) is stupid, but still didn’t have time to write two checks. And I am the queen of putting stuff off. I rationalize and forget, but really.

The punchline- he knocked on my door (I tried to pretend to be asleep, turned out my light and half closed my laptop, but he was persistent) and told me that I was passive aggressive, and to just tell him next time. I acknowledged my passive aggressiveness, mentioned that Madeline had written him a note, and refrained from mentioning his infantile behavior. I’m tempted to go out there and mention it now. But it’s pointless. I’m irritated with him, and want him to leave. Maybe if I’m passive aggressive enough, he will. Who knows. I’m tired of dealing with him. I also hte how he deals with the litterboxes, but that’s another story.

In happier news, I got to spend a day with John. Nothing special, just hanging out, he slept over, and we lazed around until I had to leave for work. We had a conversation recently-

him: we’re going to have fun
me: yes
me: we usually do, I think
him: you know
him: i can’t think of when we don’t
me: me either
him: that’s pretty damn rare

which is true. Even when I get grouchy, or he’s in a defeatist mood, we always leave feeling better, and feeling like it was time well spent. Remarkable when I step back and think about it. And very nice to be in. So that area of life is going well. Now for the work and part of the living situation. Wheeee.


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