Sneeze. Sneeze. Blow nose. Sneeze.

We finally went skiing! Well. I went snowboarding, John went skiing. But we went. It was fun. I seem to sort of have retained something from last time (6 years ago), ad hung out on the tiny leaning hill for a little, then went over to the bunny hill for a while. The biggest thing I was worried about was what to do abut getting off the lift. I figured it out though, and did all right. We went up to a real trail three times before I bailed. On the bunny hill I had been doing all right, figuring out the whole controlling and stopping and all, but then on the trail I freaked out a little and mostlydid controlled braking slides down. I fell a lot. Falling mostly wasn’t bad, but I had a few that were touh on either my tailbone or my knees, and the snow wasn’t as deep as advertised. We left when it was getting more slushy and not so good. I’m glad we went. John had a great time, I had a pretty good time, we both got sunburned and sore, and I wouldn’tbe too opposed to going again.

We got back to his house and watched submarine movies until we passed out. IFC was doing a run of them, which was fun. I woke up at 7 feeling terrible, all stuffy and hot and uncomfortable and grouchy. That continued for most of the day, though I managed to get more sleep.

I was supposed to work last night, but felt way too lousy and so called out and ate black bean soup and watched Gilmore Girls with Madeline, and proceeded to use about half of the tissues ever made. Oog.

This whole breast lump thing is starting to freak me out a little. I felt it again while standing, and boy howdy, it’s there. I’m still pretty sure it’s just a cyst or calcium deposit or something, but having to wait till april 2nd to find out is giving me lots of time to come up with worst case scenario things.  Wheeeee.


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