I just bought tickets for John and I to see the Pogues next friday! I’m so excited. I missed it last year and was a little bummed out about that. But the tickets are bought, and we are going. He wants to be in back where the alcohol is, and I want to be up front again, so we’ll see how that part works out. In any case, I’m excited. I’m glad I waited. Originally I was going to get tickets on the 12th, but that show got cancelled. Stupid recession. But, oh, I get to see them again!

Tomorrow is going to be a day of action and cleaning. We made up a chore rotation schedule and all, and I have the bathroom, and excess energy, so I’m going to put it into scrubbing everything in there. And cleaning my room. And doing laundry. At least, that’s the plan. Really, I have the energy for it now and should just do it now, but it’s a little late. The laundromat is closed. And people will be trying to sleep soon. Feh. But I actually got up early today, so maybe I’ll go to sleep early tonight and wake up early again tomorrow. Have a whole day of usefulness! Exciting.

I sometimes make watercolor postcards. Some are pretty darn decent. But it’s mostly for me. Here’s (I think) the best one-img030

John has this piece of music that sounds like whales and cows in various parts, and he wants to write a kids book about the dows going on a journey to find the whales. This is when the cows first have an inkling. A friend of mine posted a thing on facebook, that the first 5 people who comment get something handmade from him, something totally random, who knows if you’ll like it, or what it will be or anything. The only thing is that you have to repost and do that for 5 people. Which is the most acceptable chain letter I’ve ever heard of. I may make postcards for that. We’ll see. I haven’t made very many because I have to have a fairly clear idea of what I want to do. I have one planned right now of a fire hydrant that’s dripped and made a puddle, with a rubber duckie floating in it, and a dog staring at the duck. It might be a drawing and not a watercolor, I don’t feel confident in my water coloring abilities to get the dog the way I want it. I would do that now, but with my energy at the moment I think my hands are too shaky to do anything good. I might start anyway. Wheee. It’ll certainly be quieter than at 10 at night.


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