Nothing like a lump to spoil the afternoon

So I went to PP to get my depo shot today. At least, that’s what I thought. Turns out when I had said yeah, I really should schedule an annual exam at the same time, they took me seriously and while I forgot, they did not. Whoever ‘they’ specifically are. Anyway. So I went in, and being that I didn’t have anything better to do, and I really was almost a year overcue for an exam, it seemed like as good a time as any.

It wasn’t bad, actually. Quick, efficient, I never felt awkward. So that was good. The bad part was when she found a lump in my breast. Not a big one, and probably not enough to worry about, but enough that they couldn’t give me my depo shot until I’ve been cleared. So now I have a referal to a cancer prevention center, and an appointment there. The fun part is that since I don’t have insurance, I can’t go in until april. Which means that my depo will expire, which means there are about 2 weeks of either no sex, or condoms, and then I have to take a pregnancy test before I can start up the depo again. All a big hassle. Now that I’ve gotten over the initial temporary freakout, I’m pretty positive it’s a cyst or something. I had an ovarian cyst appear before, and I have a fibrous cyst thing on my leg. I’m sure it’s just a continuation of that. Also, absolutely no history of breast cancer in my family, on either side.

Afterwards I went and had lunch with John, who was forced to work day shift today. We went to this little puerto rican place and I got steak and onions, which I love. The whole really thin kind of tough meat thing is great. And I liked visiting him during the day. Though still there’s the problem of not getting to take him home with me.

I also finished reading Watchmen. I dunno. The movie will probably be great. And the book was good. I still hate reading graphic novels, it’s hard to follow sometimes, and the combination of text and visuals tangled together makes me miss things sometimes. But the story is good, and I really like the idea behind it and how the whole thing ties together in the end. There was a substory that I was confused about and thought was sort of superfluous that turns out to be pretty key. One annoying thing is that (and maybe this was just me and my comic book reading failure) while the set up is in place and the whole story leads to the denoument, it still seems a little deus ex machina, a little “but ah HA! You didn’t know about such and such!”. I don’t think it actually is, and really, what would any story like this be without some sort of reveal at the end. But for some reason it bothered me in this. But now I can go see the movie and make informed statements about how it differs and all. From the preview, it seems that they’ve done a fairly complete job of translating it, which is impressive. Really, about 30 pages in you could have a whole movie. It wouldn’t really have an end though, at that point.


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