So it looks like I’m finally going to go skiing again. Though I went snowboarding before. John has been wanting to go the past few winters, and we were going to go yesterday, but it was supposed to rain. It didn’t, of course, and would have been perfect skiing weather. But now it’s supposed to snow a whole bunch between now and tuesday, so we’re going wednesday. Huzzah. I’m a little worried. I think I need lessons again. We’ll see.

I went to trapeze again today. It  was a very off day. I had a lot of trouble with just about everything. No good. But, I got some ideas for other things, and I got to try out something that I had imagined. It’s definitely possible, I just need to figure out how to do it smoother. But everything else was kind of a failure for me. Oh well.

I dragged John to see Coraline, which was good the second time around. He liked it a lot, too, so that was good.

I work for this theatre company running lights for their staged readings. It’s kind of a stupid job, since I do almost nothing. And get paid almost nothing. Basically, it wastes my time every now and then. I got an email from the director today saying that they were adding 3 more, and was I willing to join them for those. He didn’t mention anything about paying me more. I don’t want to do it. I’m not sure how to tell them that. I want to mention the pay thing, and also that I’m really not needed. We’ll see. The one that was supposed to be the last one is this coming monday, so I’ll talk to them then. But really, I’m just looking forward to going somewhere with John. I like leaving the city to do stuff with him.


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