Monthly Archives: February 2009

A Good Day.

I actually did something with my hair today. It turned out pretty well. Nothing amazing, just swept back and then curled. Hard to describe, I’m realizing. It was sort of loosely pulled back like I normally clip it, but then I put a giant pin curl with the end, and pinned it in place. If I knew how, I would put a picture up. Maybe I should put some effort into figuring that out.

I went to visit John for dinner, which is always good. Because the place we mostly go is a bit of a sports bar and it’s the superbowl (who won, by the way? I guess I’d be rooting for the Steelers, since I used to have family there, and even though they’ve moved they’re still huge fans) we went to the thai place that we have been neglecting lately. It’s a little more expensive, and we both have to be in the mood for thai food. But we used to go there a lot, and they still know us. When I ordered what I usually get, the woman (who I think is the owner, but I’m not sure) said “are you sure you want that? This other thing is much better.” Well, that the hell. It looked good, and similar, so I got it. John couldn’t decide, and she cut him off and said “you like duck? I’ll make you something.” It was pretty cool. And both our dishes were fantastic. I may like this new thing better (I wish I could remember the name). It was a curry kind of soup with egg noodles and lots of chicken and some saetan, and quail eggs. A little spicier than I usually pick, but great. And I had all the soup/sauce left, and they also gave me rice with it, so I dumped the rice in, and took that all home. Two meals for one. I’m excited about eating that tomorrow.

I started on my hydra project. I definitely need to post those here, or have a link or something. I also need to get a digital camera. I’m not sure I’ve explained this before, so bear with me if I did. When we got to the airport in Prague to leave, I still had some czech money, and I wanted to either cash it out, or buy something. Smaller coins are fine, but I felt like having bigger bills that I couldn’t use in the US was silly. Even if it was pretty. So I went into a gift shop type thing with wooden toys. I had seen these wooden shelf sitting mice before, and had that in mind. But then I was looking around and saw a wooden hydra, with the neck joints so you can kind of reposition them. It was kind of fantastic, and I got it, and while we were sitting waiting I amused us by positioning them differently, and it started to look like a series of family pictures. So now I’m setting up a habitat for them and I’m going to take pictures of them in these various moments. It sounds kind of lame here, but when you see it, it’s pretty great. From left to right, they are named Sophie, George, and Frank. I’ve given them (though really, they suggested it themselves) different personalities, and some of the pictures will have captions. I have a diorama-like box that I’m making for them. Today I put an altoids box in, and papermache-d and painted it so they have a rock to stand on. I’m going to paint sea around them, and a sky. I took a picture of them standing on top of the habitat with George and Frank looking out proudly and Sophie peering down into it. Caption idea- ‘The Hydra find a new home. Sophie wonders if she’ll finally have her own room.’ I took another with them standing next the rock, and had Madeline release Snippet several times, so I could get the picture of Sophie and George looking out proudly while Frank craned his neck back around the side at her walking by. Caption- ‘The Hydra signs the mortgage. Frank worries about the neighbors.’

It’s silly, but I’m entertained. I do wish I had a digital camera so I could see if I’m getting it right. THis film thing has it’s drawbacks. Maybe that will be my fashion week purchase.