Hope springs anew!

So I was hoping for these three jobs. I got turned down for two of them. The first I didn’t care, the second I was really bummed out about. The third I was starting to give up on. I sent in my application december 23rd, got a reply of we’ll be in touch if we need more info on january 5th, and now at the end of february figured that if they hadn’t interviewed me yet, they never would. But being silly and persistent, I called and asked at what point should I give up hope, and the lovely woman who answered the phone said that that position hadn’t even begun their interviews! Huzzah! They probably won’t for a couple weeks! I mean, I’d really like to know sooner than later, but hey! I’m still in the running! So, that was good to hear.

I went to see Coraline the other night with Tenaya and Alex and a few of their work friends. It was pretty cool. I want to read the book, apparently it’s much more creepy than the movie was, and of course they changed little bits. But I loved the 3d. And they gave real 3d glasses, not the  cardboard ones (though my ticket was 3 bucks more than usual- laame). Occasionally it was a little jerky, particularly for fast stuff with lots going on (the mice!) but i see that happen in other cartoon type things and imax, so it wasn’t a big deal. One complaint other people had was that the color was dulled down by the glasses. I didn’t mind, but then, I didn’t switch back and forth, and didn’t know that I was missing that. I bet they’ll correct for that soon enough. The story was good, though I have questions about things. The intro was great. All in all, a very good evening, replete with burritos and whoppers.

I’ve picked up bits of work here and there and am feeling decent about my survival prospects, so that’s good. I’m starting to feel itchy about tracking down more design work, so that’s good as well.


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