So yesterday, the 23rd, was Snippet’s birthday. I do feel a little bad since I don’t know Pidgeon’s exact birthdate, and so didn’t really do anything, but I didn’t let that illusion of favoritism stop me from throwing a party for Snippet. Sort of. I made a cat cake (liverwurst and beef baby food and pounce treats and egg and flour, baked all together) and wrote her name in cheese across it. She liked it, the other cats didn’t. I invited Sterling (Ian’s giant old (really, she’s 20lbs and 12 years old) cat in to the living room, and we sang happy birthday and I cut and crumbled slices for them. Most of it is left, which is a shame, but it was fun to make, and Snippet liked it, so that’s good. After this I’m going to stick to just celebrating the day I got them. For that I’m thinking just upend a can of cat food, cover it in cheese, and put treats around the edge. I think they’ll all like that better.

These are my cats, by the way. I love them completely, and am so glad I got them.Cats

Snippet is bigger than that now, I just haven’t transfered more recent pictures from my phone yet. One of these days.

I dropped my taxes off today, which was fun. Sort of. I really like that I have an accountant, and I can just hand everything to him, all my w2’s and 1099’s and deductions and student loan interest, and multi-state returns, and he’ll make it all pretty and hand it back to me within a week. It’s pretty cool. And it’s in the Empire State Building, so I get to go there. Which is not that exciting since I don’t go to the top or anything, but still. I fully expect to get all my money back again this year. Oh the joys of being poor.

I’m trying to decide about something that may already be decided. There’s a conference every year in my general field that I’ve kind of wanted to go to for a while. It’s in cincinnati this year, in about 3 weeks. Along with all the new toys to look at and people to meet and pass out cards to and all, they also have an interview thing set up, where employers have jobs listed, and your resume gets passed around and you can interview and stuff. Which would be great. Except that it all costs 600, before travel and hotel and food. I have the money to swing it- just barely. But it’s only worth it, really, if I get a job from it. So, do I spend over 1,000 on the chance that I might get a job? Debating. I need to debate quickish. I can afford it, unless something happens like when I went to prague, Snippet gets sick again or something else financially draining. Except in this case, I’ll have already paid for it, and there will be no one to say ‘hey, I’ll pay you back when I can’ to. I think I am too nervous about the money to go, but I feel weird about passing up a networking and interviewing opportunity.  It’s hard to do.


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