Whoopsie daisy

The other day I was walking through Times Square and saw a surreal scene. Minny Mouse and the Tin Man were waving to people, taking pictures, and had a bit of a crowd around. I looked over across the street to see a panda standing there, watching, with no one around. He (it) turned and sigh dejectedly after a minute.

Today was rocky. I woke up to my roommate filming stuff in the living room. He had emailed Madeline about this, but not me. Fortunately she told me, so I wasn’t creeped out. She and I left around two to take stuff to Beacon’s Closet to sell and donate, and walked past the utter mess that they had rearranged the living room into, replete with smoking. I understand if your scene calls for it, but really. Open a window, turn on the fan, turn on the exhaust vent over the stove for in between takes. Something. They hadn’t done anything. Oh well. We dragged all the stuff out and onto the bus with us. I liked the bus a lot, actually. It let me see how brooklyn connects a little better. We dropped it off and were told to come back in a couple hours when they were done going through it all (not that it would take them two hours, of course, but they had other junk and all. Somehow I feel it necessary to explain this.) so we wandered down 5th avenue, and caught a couple more buses and ended up at Dizzy’s for lunch. It’s a little expensive, but they’re pretty great, and for amaretto pecan french toast, I will pay a little more. We also split a grilled vegetable wrap that was fantastic.

We got back to Beacon’s a little early and browsed. It turned out that they had barely taken anything. I ended up with about 5 bucks of store credit, and Madeline got 15. We donated everything else. I was a little surprised, there was a nice trenchcoat in there that fit in with their aesthetic, but no. Who knows. As madeline was in line to buy a couple skirts, I looked over at the coat rack, which turned out to be a great idea. When we dropped stuff off I noticed a coat I liked slung over another rack, and figured it must belong to someone who was trying on a sweater or something. But no! There it was! It’s beautiful. Black, soft, double breasted. I need to move the buttons over (turns out the previous owner was tiny, and so moved the buttons to make it tighter, I’m just going to move them back), but it was 30 bucks. It’s not quite as warm as my big grey one, but I like it a lot more. And winter is starting to let up anyway. SO that was exciting.

Then we found out that Ian sat on the kitchen table and broke it. Who sits in the middle of a table? Wrong question. But if you could see this table, and this kitchen, it would make sense. I don’t get it. But that meant he did his thing where he mixed up all the new and old mail again. And smashed my aloe cutting that I was going to transplant. And rearranged a cabinet, which is sort of good except that now things are harder reach, unless you want popcorn. There is a massive amount of popcorn there. He’s making me hate it. At least he’s learned how not to burn it to the pots anymore.

Oof. I was fine when I got home, but then I was so angry at him, and made myself exhausted. I’m still irritated. My friend with the rent controlled place will be legally able to sublet again within the year, and then I will have my own studio on the upper west side. I hope that works out. I like Madeline and Rob, but I know them now. So I can move out and we’ll still be friends and such. And then I don’t have to deal with idiots like Ian.


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