What a good several days. I worked a lot for two of them. That part wasn’t so great, but the paycheck will be lovely. I believe it was 25 regular hours, 2 overtime, and 3 meal penalties, which are double time. So, 34 hours of pay. Nice. My next check from them should then be for 43 hours of work. Also nice. And it was nice to actually do a bunch of work for Fashion Week. It felt weird to not be busy constantly.

The one thing was that the second show was Issaak Mirzahi. What a jerk. Crazy guy, which generally is fun and stuff. But then, at noon, we ask his assistant if they have enough light backstage, and they say yeah, it looks fine. This is not true. So at 1 30 (the show is at 2) while they’re doing their rehearsal walk, we find out that we need to add lights back there, in the little alley where all the clothes racks are, and all the people. This sucks. As I’m running to bring a cable back there, Issaak himself yells at me about “You need to get light back there Right.This, Second.  This.Second.” Yeah, buddy, you’re making this go faster. There were 4 other people working on the project, and so I left. Apparently after that he yelled about “You people should be fucking ashamed of yourselves for doing this so late”. a) Not our fault, we asked, your assistant clearly knows shit. b) I understand you being frustrated, but we are just the labor. Do not yell at us. Yell at the production manager, or the lighting designer, or your assistant who fucked up. Whatever. He put handbags on peoples heads, so I feel no obligation to listen to anything he says.

But then it got good. John came over that night, we watched Star Trek and slept. He got to try out the new mattress, and approved. The cats got to see him again. They like him better, and had missed him a little. The next day, we went back to his house and made cheese. It was great. Mozzerella and ricotta. The mozzerella was good, but not quite the great that you expect from homemade stuff. We’ll get there. i had a lot of fun stretching it. We made stuffed shells, which were fantastic. The ricotta was great.

Then he made some ridiculous concotion involving chocolate ricotta (used chocolate milk to make it) mixed with this dough stuff, then fried, and rolled it powdered sugar. They’re kind of fantastic. I took some home.

The lame part was when I had to get up in the morning. I signed up for a trapeze class, so we couldn’t do the usual thing of sleeping all day and then driving into the city. I had to haul myself up at 10, which turned into noon(I know, the hardship. But we went to sleep after 2, and I was starting to be in recovery sleep mode) and go straight to the train.

Trapeze class was good. I went with Madeline, and had a lot of fun. A lot of bruises, too. And one rope burn. Good times. I’ve lost some skills, but I’m still decent, and learned a bit. Going to take a class with this other woman, and then kind of bounce back and forth and take as many as I can. I’m excited.

I seem to be attracting a decent bit of attention lately. I’m usually very dense about these things, but I’m getting more perceptive, and there are 3 guys within the past few weeks who seem to be interested. Only one of them would I consider, were I not already happily attached. It’s a little flattering, but one is annoying. Nice guy, but a little invasive. Almost creepy. Invited me to go skiing in a couple weeks. No way, buddy. He’s given me some good tips about finding work, and he’s fun to talk to for short periods of time, but I really don’t like this talking to me often thing. And I don’t know how to get out of it, other than blocking him online. I also feel almost as if I’m using him for his work info, since I have no interest in him, and he’s mostly giving it because he’s interested in me. Awkward. I dunno. I mention John a lot. I’ll figure something out eventually. In the meantime, time for bed.


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