I hear in my mind all of these words

The show was weird. It went very well, I was proud of my followspot skills. But it was very odd to be back in the armory without having done all of the set up. And it was weird how small it was. I could have stayed longer for the strike, but there were too many people, and I felt awkward. I didn’t know a lot of them, and had no idea what all was going on. I also found out why my company lost that show, and it’s a really stupid reason. Basically, someone was too pissy and decided he didn’t need this. Instead of passing it along to the other people who work under him and who do most of the work on this show anyway, he just tossed the whole thing.  Which means he may have also tossed that production company, which means tossing a whole lot of other contracts. No good. Looks like I may not be working for them anymore. We’ll see.

I’m really bad at keeping secrets from John, and he’s really good at guessing. I told him that though he’s busy this week with school, he should spend the night sometime soon, I had a surprise for him. He tried to guess a bunch of things, and then I opened my big mouth and said something about how it was something he would definitely like, that would make him want to  to stay over in more general. It took about 4 seconds for him to say “You got a new mattress?”. Yep. When I moved here, I had no bed. Luckily enough, a designer friend of mine was getting rid of a futon and frame. Huzzah. Right place, right time and all. And I was mostly fine with it, though I did get a foam topper to make it a little better. John just about cried every time he stayed over, it was so bad. I’m not sure why it was so much worse for him than for me. Then when Rob moved in, he brought two mattresses with him, and Madeline’s futon became redundant. So, I got to trade up. Last night was the first time I slept on it, and aside from the zombie dreams, it was pretty good.

Speaking of zombie dreams, this is the second time I’ve had this one, and it’s starting to seem a little like a video game. I knew what was coming, and so did things a little different, which turned out a little worse. I still won. And woke up before I could do more, which was good. Zombies worry me.

I’ve started listening to music more. It started, sort of, with the Fidelity video against Prop 8 that’s been circulating. I’ll try to figure out how to add video and stuff in here.   But I liked the song. And remembered that Regina Spektor did this other song that I sort of like. And so I looked her up, and listened to more, and that led to this girl who does really nice covers of her and other people, and some of her own writing. Then I went through and started rearranging and cleanning up the titles in my itunes. I like music, but I’m nowhere near as connected with it as most other people I know, so I didn’t really miss not listening to much for several months. It’s nice to be back, though.


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