Would ride all day in your pocket

So things are looking up a bit. I got hired back on as a follow spot op for mark jobabs. It’s only about 10 hours total, I think, and it’s just for the show, not for any actual work of loadin or strike or anything, but- it means that that company has now hired me. Which means that I will be in their files which means they may call me again. Foot in door. So that’s good.

I went and interviewed for this lighting design position two days ago, the 13th. It would be an interesting project, and something to put on my resume. The thing is, it goes into tech on friday. The 20th. So, he really needed to pick someone quick, and while he said that yesterday was when he would call, he didn’t. At this point, I’m not sure I can do it anymore, time wise. I’m working this evening, tomorrow evening, thursday afternoon and evening. I have some free time, but for designing a rep plot for 27 shorts? I guess it wouldn’t be that hard, though I think I’d be the one who had to hang and focus it. Which I should have asked about. I think I didn’t get it, actually. BUt you never know. But he’s cutting it awfully close, and if I get offers for work in between, if I haven’t heard from him, I’m going to take it. Frustrating. Also, I want to go skiing on friday. Basically, I need this design stuff, and want to do it, but if I don’t, there are a lot of other things that that opens up, so I won’t really be dissapointed.

Yesterday was good. I had work at 6am, which was a little rough. I got up at 4 30 and had none of my usual lying in bed a few more minutes time. But it was good to see everyone that I work with again, and hear about how they’re patchign together some kind of schedule for the week. One girl got all her days back, though not her hours. Rough times. I’m excited for when the economy picks back up.

I came home and took a shower and bath and admired my knee bruises. I rather like bruises. They make it look like I did work. Sore muscles and tiredness are good too, but you can’t really show them to other people. Show them a bruise, and it shows your dedication. In a way. I don’t know. I had a great one that was all purplegreen, but after the bath and resting a bit, it calmed down to dark pink. Oh well.

Visited John for dinner, which was really nice. His dad got me a heart shapped box of chocolates. They’re all gone now (there were only 8 pieces, so it wasn’t total gluttony). Side note- his parents really like me. His dad always has, for some reason. His mom is much qieter about it, but then I hear things about how she spent several hours looking for jobs for me online. Wow. I feel kind of abashed. In any case, dinner was good. We went to the thai place. There were a bunch of generally loud and annoying people there, but we still had a good time. They have been making their drinks much stronger lately. I had a lychee martini and was pretty well done for with that. But then John got a chocolate martini and had us split it. i was kind of resistant, being done with drinking for the evening, and they’re not my favorite. But it grew on me,  and then on the train home I realized that that was probably his concession to it being valentine’s day. He hates the idea, and refuses to take part in it, so I probably should have been more appreciative of that gesture. Who knows. I had a good night anyway, as did he. The bad part about visiting him at work is that I can’t take him home with me afterwards. That would have been nice.

On the train to visit him, the girl behind me was wearing some kind of lotion or perfume or something that was so strong my eyes watered and I had to move. I wish I was able to sneeze on command, so I could have sneezed a bunch and then moved, to get the point across. She noticed when I moved, but probably had no idea why. I have no idea how to tell people stuff like “holy shit that’s way too strong. Anyone within 5 feet of you is going to cry” without them getting offded and yelling at me. If I were able to sneeze, then the point would be gotten across, and she would maybe be embarrassed, and get the idea. Who knows. I’m weird.

My mom put money in my account for valentines day. It’s specifically for me to treat myself with, and I intend to do that. I’m thinking about going to see a movie before work today or tomorrow. Something rather trashy that I would never spend my own money on would be great. Also, I’m thinking wednesday ice skating and taking John out to lunch. That was really nice of her to do, and better than physical stuff.

So all in all, which I am not getting my huge windfall of a paycheck after fashion, I’m doing okay, I think.


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