Back up again

Well. It’s not all terrible. Rather, I got all depressed about work, and now I’m back up a bit. And applying for junk. I’m trying to find a job now. Not work, but a job. I also applied for a sleep study, but I guess I’m not quite enough of an insomniac for that. Oh well.

Tomorrow should be good, at any rate. I think I got John to agree to come walk in the park and then go ice skating, and then go to this restaurant place that’s supposed to be good. And pretty cheap, so good all around. I had a lot of fun skaing the other day, even with the foot pain. I taught myself to skate backwards, though I’m still pretty slow and have to think about it a lot.

The rope class was great. I got a bit of a burn under one arm, but that goes with the territory. The teacher was really good, and relaxed. It was nice to not warm up. I know warming up is necessary and all, but it’s an adult class, it’s only an hour long, and we all know what we each need stretching wise. So you show up a little early and do that on your own. Also we weren’t doing anything really stretchy or anything, it was all strength stuff. I learned a really cool new climb that I want to teach at camp. It’s the kind of thing where if that’s all the kid does in the show, it will still look really cool and impressive.

Last night I was at John’s, and he was too tired to drive me home so I stayed. But I couldn’t sleep for a while, and while I was lying there (incredibly sore from rope and skating) I had an idea. A potentially brilliant idea- to teach a trapeze class for kids here. I just need a bar. I know where to rent space, I can advertise fairly cheaply all over. There are some flying trapeze classes, and one that combines heavily with acro stuff, but no static ones, and no rope classes, really. So, it’s an idea. I’ll keep you updated. But I could definitely do it, and it would be fun. I know how to teach kids, I could charge a pretty reasonable rate, and still make a good amount every week. Not enough to live on, but enough to cover rent itself, easily. Excitement.


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