Whee. It’s been a physical few days. The last two days I was working as a rigger at the tents at Bryant Park. It was fun and mindless, and there was a lot of standing around. But then I did have stuff to do, it was all lifting heavy stuff, or holding heavy stuff in place, or cranking down on bolts. Lots of bolts. It was nice to get some extra time on fashion week. I lost a lot of hour because the mark jocabs show was cut back. He said he’d rather scale down his show and cancel the after party than fire any of his people. I appreciate that. But it still sucks. Because I lost hours, I lost a lot of overtime, and so this year it looks like I’ll make about half of what I usually make pretax. Which sucks a lot. I always sort of count on the money, and it’s a little painful that it won’t be there. So it was great to get an extra couple days, even if they were shorter days than normal (about 8 hours each)

*** As I wrote that, i got a call! My company is not doing that show at all anymore! I now only have 14 hours of work in the next week or so! Awesome!***

Well. Anyway. Then today I went to a rope class this morning that was fun and circus-y and I learned some stuff, though I still think trapeze is way better, for me anyway.

Then I went ice skating in Prospect Park,w hich was a lot of fun, and I can now skate backwards, and the park is really pretty.

But now I have to deal with this and find more work, hopefully. What lameness.


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