2009 is a little rough so far.

Ian continues to be a pain in the ass. We’re trying to schedule a house meeting, and after initially saying let him know and he would accomadate, he said he’s too busy this weekend, and to have it without him and give him the notes from it. It’s kind of tempting to do that, and hand him notes saying “Everyone is pitching in 50 bucks to buy a new vacuum, we’re considering moving the couch, and by popular vote Ian is moving out next week.” Tempting. But we won’t. Oh well.

In other news, I, being at loose ends and not working so much at the moment, spent the last couple days on a vintage hair forum finding out about 40’s hair styles, and pin curling my hair. It didn’t work so well. Maybe next time. I also have an appointment for a hair cut tomorrow. I usually go to the Aved@ school and have the students do it for 20 bucks. But Tenaya was all excited about it, and I want someone who can cut it so it’ll be easier to do 40’s stuff, but still look good when I do nothing, and possibly teach me how to style it myself. So, for the first time in over 2 years, I will pay for a haircut.

I’m slowly getting more and more tense about these two jobs. The desciption of the school one shifted a bit, seems like it’s more design and less teaching, which is great. I sent them an email saying hey, my cover letter might be a bit vague because I had a slightly different posting to work with, but now I’m even more into working for you. Desperate? I hope it doesn’t come off that way. I’ve realized that in being excited about these possibilities, the first of which doesn’t start till may, I’ve sort of been ignoring the many months in between. It’s not quite february yet. So I have 3 months worth of work to find in the meantime. Assuming I even get these. Urgh.

John wants to go skiing at some point. Which will be fun.

There was a crazy jesus lady on my train the other morning. I hate them. SO much. They speak so loudly, and in this constant stream of hallelujahs and repenting and give yourself to jesus and confess your sins and on and on. I wanted to tell her that it was 8 in the morning and she was far too loud and she was making all the quiet christians on the train ashamed, and wasn’t making anyone want to be born again, in fact she’s making them all just hate her. But I assumed that she was crazy and would either start screaming, or beat me. So I changed cars. I’ve never done that before. Usually I just suffer through it, but not this time. It turned out to be a great move, since in my new car I got a seat a stop later. The lord works in mysterious ways? Anyway. I’m also starting to get sick of subway musicians. The ones who actually come on the train. They’ve actually been really polite lately, more subdued and not guilt tripping at all. BUt I still am irritated. I just want to sit there and read my book and not listen to anything. The ones on the platform are fine. I even still like them. I guess I’m just getting grouchy and new yorkish. Which is good? I’m acclimating? Who knows.

I’ve sort of decided that this will be a more non-fiction oriented reading year. I’m slowly going through Color, a pretty good book on how specific colors were originally found and made. It’s pretty good, but sometimes unsatisfyingly incomplete. But I like hearing about her travels around and the people she talks to who still make things that way, or who study this. It’s interesting. But then you come to sections like- in the beginning she talks about as a child seeing blue stained glass and being told that we no longer know how to make that color, it’s lost to us. I’ve heard this before, and it seems odd and not quite right. So I was excited for the Blue chapter. When I got there, she addresses that, and says that of course when she talks to glaziers she finds out that we know what it’s made out of, it’s just that the world has changed and we can no longer make it. Then she sort of talks about how they would build their furnaces next to a forest, and a lot of what made the color what it was came from the beech trees that they burned. And then that’s it. That’s all she reallys ays about that. Which means- We can still make that blue that everyone loves so much! Someone just needs to stop being lazy and relying on the replacement, no doubt easier, methods, and go build a furnace and cut down some beech trees! Her story and explanation just feel really incomplete. But in general, it’s a nice, interesting bit of reading. My mom sent me one of Sarah Vowell’s books, I think that’s next.


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