In which I hate just about everything. Except my cats.

The stuff with Ian is kind of stupid, but effectively annoying and stressful. Basically, madeline and I are messier than he would like, though we are working on it, and actually have been doing pretty decent. But then left take out bags on the table a few nights ago. Not food, not dirty plates. Empty bags. Clutter, but not dirty. He freaked out and had a tantrum and threw them (and the paper napkins, and one of my catalogues) all over the kitchen floor. Twice. Because I cleaned it up the first time, and I guess he though he hadn’t been clear enough. The way I see it, we were wrong to leave stuff out, but he way the fuck over reacted, and in a really innapropriate way. Then I just spent a really nice evening and day with John (more on this happier subject in a bit) and someone, I suspect him, cleaned off the kitchen table in general by picking everythign up and moving it to the already over crowded side table in the living room. This is really stupid because a) it just moves the mess without fixing it, b) it wasn’t a mess, it was all our bills, laid out neatly, c) we hadn’t paid the bills yet and they got all mixed up with other stuff, and when he’s done this before I’ve lost things, and that could have happened again. Maybe I’m getting too worked up over this. I think I am. But I’m really irritated all the same. Madeline and I acknowledge that we’re not the neatest people, and have been putting in effort. He chooses not to recognize this at all, and to be a jackass. There’s no reciprocity here, and I already didn’t like him very much. End rant.

So! Yesterday I convinced John to go ice skating. By this I mean he came with me to Bryant Park and watched me go around a bunch on my way-dull skates on an overcrowded rink. But it was fun. I only fell down once, and I only did the tripping over my toe pick flailing for balance thing twice. A successful outing all around. I liked it, even though it was ridiculously crowded (friday evening two days before it closes for the season, so it was packed), and I guess we’re going to go to this place on LI sometime. He might even try it.

While we were there, I saw this one kid do a spectacular fall, the one where your feet go right out from under you to the front, and you hang for a second flat in the air before slamming down on your ass. It was a cartoon kind of fall, and pretty funny, and the kid was with people to sympathize and help them up, so I skated off and went to tell John about it. It was pretty funny. The karma payback was terrible though, when I was at his house, after dinner I went down to the basement and did the exact same fall. Except on stairs. I have a great fear of falling headfirst down stairs, and I’d never done it before. Technically, I still haven’t, since I went straight down on my ass, and bounced down the rest of the stairs. It hurt.

But before that, we made hamburgers, and played Apples to Apples, which was great. It was an interesting group, John and his brother and sister, and each of their dates. But it was great, and we laughed a lot, and I think we should do it more often.

I ended up staying the night and the day. We got up at about 3 and made waffles and hung out until he had to drive in to work, and then I took the subway back from manhattan. Not the most efficient way to do things, but I didn’t have much else to do other than feed the cats. Coming home kind of sucked, being both a letdown of not being around John any more, and finding the table cleared off. What a little thing to be incensed about. I’ll try to let it go. But until we all sit down together, I think it’s just going to sort of fester. Argh. 

I’m hoping for these next two jobs. I’m ready for a change of pace. I love New York, but I hate looking for work here. S0 leaving and having solid work for 13 months would be lovely. And then I don’t have to deal with things like this. I can have other things to whine about. It’ll be great.


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