Hoo boy

I didn’t get the first Florida gig. No big deal. The summer dance festival thing I think I have a very good chance at. One of my references works there a lot and knows everyone. I’m hoping with his endorsement, I’ll get it.

I went on a mad cleaning rampage of my room. The need to clean had been festering for so long that simply cleaning was not enough. I did a rearrange, too. I think I like it. It makes the room seem longer and more narrow, but opens it up a bit because somehow the bed is more separate from everything else. I may switch it around a little more, but for now I like it. and the cats approve.

One of my roommates is being an immature idiot, to the point where I really want to kick him out. I have another friend who wants to move soon, and it would be great to make that exchange, but I don’t know what will happen.

Work is slow. I’ve been sleeping a lot. Not much else to report.

I missed the innauguration. I saw a tiny bit of it when I picked up my laundry. Oh well. I’ll see it at some point. And really, what’s important is what comes next.


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