Wouldn’t it be nice

Hey, all 3 or so of you who read this. I need happy job thoughts. I’m applying/have applied to three different jobs, all of which I want, and it seems likely that I could get all three. Fortuitously enough they do not interfere with each other. Except the second two, possibly a little bit. But you never know. Anyway.

First up- Designing Kiss Me Kate in Florida! In about a month and a half, they pay pretty well (okay, better than I’ve ever gotten, except that the dance show in nj pays me that, but I have to do my own electricianing, and run the board for that) , and they pay airfare and housing. Huzzah.

Secondly- Famous type dance festival in Massechusetts is looking for a lighting director! They’d pay, and house, and feed me! All summer! Enough of the exclamation points. Anyway. I love working with dance. This would be fantastic. I’m finally qualified, and they’re looking, and let’s hope it works out.

Thirdly- Teaching and designing at a private school in New Hampshire for the school year. This might overlap a little with the dance stuff. I’m not sure yet. I also don’t need to worry yet, as I have not gotten either job. But I like to worry ahead. Also for both of these, they would need to let me bring the cats.

Anyway. Three good jobs, all lined up and waiting to be mine. I hope. I want. I’m qualified for all. My resume is great, my references love me. I have things to look forward to again.


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